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2022 NEMRR BT1R #54 Season Report

Discussion in 'Race Reports' started by Lrrs345, Oct 17, 2022.

  1. Lrrs345

    Lrrs345 Member

    2022 NEMRR race report 07 SV650 New Hampshire Motor Speedway
    Coming into this season brought a lot of unknowns. Finishing the 2021 season with a new PB on the SV of 1:19.005 and being on the cusp of 18's felt great but frustrating at the same time. It didnt help much knowing that I was going to be one of the last remaining experts in the Lightweight classes on an SV and the success of 2022 would depend highly on getting into the 18's consistently. That all went out the window at Round 1, gridded in 4th in Isaac Maycotte on his new Aprillia 660. ULSB saw me get possibly the worst start of the season, slotting into T1 in 7th or 8th but by the end of lap 1 had made my way up to 4th. After another couple laps I was able to make a pass for 3rd into T3 and put my head down to chase Sergio Dmracing down for 2nd. With 3 laps left I made an inside pass into T1 at the flaggers station and kept pushing to hold onto 2nd. LWSS on sun meant that I needed to finish directly behind Bill Cool to hold onto 2nd for the year. That would have been doable except for Bill's teammate Nick Leighton opted to hang right on Bill's rear wheel blocking for him. Finished 4th which would have bumped me out of the championship until race winner Jacob Crossman was DQ'd for running an illegal bike.
    While I'm obviously sad that the season is over I'm also relieved that the stress of being in the points has passed. ULSB Championship 2nd, LWSS Championship 3rd, LWSB Championship 4th. 10 total podiums for the season. Finished every practice and race entered with 0 crashes for the second year in a row. New SV650 PB 1:17.709!! Huge thanks to Erin Snow for being at every round and her support!! Thanks to all of my teammates at Boston Tier 1 Racing, Dan Pletea Ciobanu Andrei Ion Alessandro Pizzochero Charlie Blumberg Johnny Murray and Mike Randi. Thanks to my sponsors Mike Kurtz at MTAG/Pirelli for the amazing tires and support, #woodcraftcfm #armourbodies Larry Mills at DP Brakes for his support of the team since 2014!! LEATT Protectives, Shorai Batteries, Vortex Racing, Engine Ice, and Joe Ammendolia at Anthem Racing.
    Thanks to all of the NEMRR Officials/Staff, the corner workers and EMS for allowing us all the opportunity to do fast, dumb things in a safe and fun environment.
    Im not sure what 2023 will bring but you can bet your asses I am looking forward to coming back in April for my 11th season!!!!

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