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2016 Suzuki GSX-R1000 Racebike

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by MOtrizzle, Aug 4, 2022.

  1. MOtrizzle

    MOtrizzle Member

    This is essentially a Yoshimura-built GSX-R1000. It's a blank-VIN frame as this bike was sent directly to Yosh to turn into a racebike.

    - Yoshimura superbike head with cams, springs, retainers, head studs.
    - Stock bottom end except for forged pistons installed by Bryce Prince, who confirmed the engine's in good shape.
    - BPR ECU tune. Currently set for pump gas and makes 192 hp on BPR dyno. U4.4 map is in ECU, just needs switch to access it. Should tickle 200 hp with that tune and U4.4.
    - Yosh lightened crank
    - GP Suspension 25mm cartridges
    - Yosh shock linkage
    - Yosh Swingarm pivot
    - R6 calipers
    - Braketech Superbike stainless rotors
    - Vesrah XX pads (new)
    - Beringer master cylinder w/remote adjuster
    - Motion Pro throttle
    - Öhlins steering damper
    - CRG Clutch lever
    - Woodcraft case covers
    - Leo Vince full exhaust
    - Light Tech chain adjusters
    - Vortex rearsets
    - Race fairing stay
    - Extra set of bodywork (painted black)
    - Vortex fuel cap
    - Lightweight rear rotor
    - Steel braided brake lines
    - Includes spare wheels, extra (stock) swingarm and subframe, and brand new Zero Gravity Corsa windscreen

    This is the last of the analog superbikes! No traction control, wheelie control, launch control, etc. None of that. It's just man and machine. Super fast with that excellent GSX-R handling. I've been told this bike used to do 1:45s at Buttonwillow. Not with me on it, but I fully believe the right rider on this bike could do it!

    $8500. Located in Los Angeles. Would prefer local pickup, but not completely opposed to shipping at buyer's expense.

    Cash is king. Message me if you're interested.

    20220718_183346.jpg 20220718_183007.jpg Side Shot.jpg 20220718_183030.jpg 20220718_183046.jpg 20220718_183057.jpg 20220718_183104.jpg 20220718_183114.jpg 20220718_183131.jpg 20220718_183147.jpg
  2. MOtrizzle

    MOtrizzle Member

    More pics

    20220718_183152.jpg 20220718_183209.jpg 20220718_183214.jpg 20220718_183224.jpg 20220718_183247.jpg 20220718_183255.jpg 20220718_182518.jpg 20220718_182344.jpg
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  3. bb05

    bb05 Member

    What is the mileage on the bike?
  4. MOtrizzle

    MOtrizzle Member

    I'll check the gauges when I get home, but I don't know how accurate it'll be. The pistons are brand new with only break-in miles on the dyno.
  5. MOtrizzle

    MOtrizzle Member

    It says 5308 on the odometer, but I have no idea how accurate that is. Again, the forged pistons are brand new with only break-in miles from the dyno. The top end is fresh, too, and Bryce Prince can vouch for it.
  6. mgiossi

    mgiossi Well-Known Member

    I'm not even in the market for a 1k and I want thing thing :eek:
  7. MOtrizzle

    MOtrizzle Member

    Ha! Well, maybe you've been subconciously in the market for a 1k all along and you're now realizing it? :)
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  8. MOtrizzle

    MOtrizzle Member

    Bump. Nobody wants a fast bike with lots of trick Yosh stuff on it?
  9. MOtrizzle

    MOtrizzle Member

  10. MOtrizzle

    MOtrizzle Member

    Bump. It's a good and fast bike, just in time for the CVMA season. :)
  11. MOtrizzle

    MOtrizzle Member

    Bump. Forgot to mention in the ad (even though you can see it in the photos) that there's a quickshifter.
  12. jimmyboost

    jimmyboost one buck a boom

    If I disabled one of the cylinders, do you think AHRMA would let me run it as a cripple triple in SOT2? :D
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  13. The Todd

    The Todd It's 'The Todd'

    I want this bike too! I have a K5- street, and a K6 TB.

    My wife would kill me though.

    By the time I sold my 2, this will be gone. i can't believe it's still available.

    Is this still available LOL?
  14. Will9465

    Will9465 Well-Known Member

    Is that an Ohlins rear shock or something else with an ohlins spring? Sorry if I missed it
  15. bb05

    bb05 Member

    PM sent
  16. MOtrizzle

    MOtrizzle Member

    Meatloaf, you're just the person I think should give it a try! LOL
  17. MOtrizzle

    MOtrizzle Member

    Yep, still available. I've had some interested parties, but mostly tire-kickers, even more low-ballers, and even a guy who was *almost* successful in scamming me. But I caught him, didn't get royally screwed, and still have the bike.

    And something tells me the K5 and K6 would be easy to sell! Those things are about to be (if they aren't already) in high demand from the vintage crowd. (I know that sounds weird...). And even if you decide to keep them, you can ask your wife "How much is my happiness worth?" LOL
  18. MOtrizzle

    MOtrizzle Member

    If I remember right it's a Penske shock body and internals with an Öhlins spring.
  19. vosnick52

    vosnick52 Team Full Effect

    The k5 and k6 has been vintage for a while. Next year the 2011 gsxr 1000 will be considered vintage.
    Crazy right!!!
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  20. MOtrizzle

    MOtrizzle Member

    I meant vintage in AHRMA terms, not WERA. But either way, the fact any org is calling these bikes vintage is crazy! lol

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