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2014 Kawasaki Ninja 650 Race Bike

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by PilotGrant, Aug 16, 2022.

  1. PilotGrant

    PilotGrant Well-Known Member

    For sale:
    2014 Kawasaki Ninja 650
    Location: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
    Price: $5999

    Clean title and VIN

    Single-owner race-prepped Kawasaki Ninja 650 with many modifications.
    The first 5,500 miles of this bike were spent as a commuter. It was converted to a track-only bike in 2015 after a trackday lowslide at NJMP Lightning.
    It has since been converted into a full race bike. I used this bike to win the 2017 regional (Both Atlantic and Mid-Atlantic) and Race Of Champions classes in the CCS Ameature division (Thunderbike, Lightweight GP, Ultralight Superbike, GT Light, Rookies Cup GT Light).
    Since then, I have used it on various track days and races in the CCS expert division. I stopped riding on the track during COVID, and it's time to sell this bike so someone can continue riding it properly.

    Everything on the bike works well and is made for speed. Everything is custom or replaced except for the internal engine components, wheels, and dash.
    The bodywork is scrappy, but the mechanical parts have been well taken care of.
    The engine was properly broken in when purchased new to seal the piston rings.
    Suspension components and brakes were rebuilt each race year (up to 2020), engine oil was replaced every few race days.
    I just rode it around the block before posting to confirm everything feels good.

    I have a pile of new race parts that can go with the bike, as well (tires, spare parts, etc). The price listed is just for the bike and itemized list below, additional parts will be for an additional cost).
    The exhaust is stock, due to breaking an Arrow Mini Twins Evo Exhaust and not putting a replacement on before I stopped racing.

    Here are the high-level modifications. See picture below for the full list.

    ZX6R front-end with Ohlins cartridges and Penske shock
    Brembo master cylinder, pads, rotors
    SS brake lines
    Other racing brake parts
    Lightened drivetrain components
    CRG GP Clutch level and perch
    Engine covers
    Silocone coolant hoses
    Racing wiring harness
    Lithium battery
    Woodcraft clipons and rearset
    Lightened fairing stay and subframe
    Much more (Check picture for details)

    More pictures and information available on the cycletrader posting: https://www.cycletrader.com/listing/2014-Kawasaki-NINJA+650+ABS-5022573207

    Text me at 717 599 8844


  2. PilotGrant

    PilotGrant Well-Known Member

    Price decreased to 5,700
  3. PilotGrant

    PilotGrant Well-Known Member

    Price decreased to 5,000
  4. PilotGrant

    PilotGrant Well-Known Member

    Price decreased to 4,500
    Feel free to make an offer if you're interested
  5. PilotGrant

    PilotGrant Well-Known Member

  6. PilotGrant

    PilotGrant Well-Known Member

  7. nuseeit

    nuseeit Member

    I'm interested PM me.
  8. PilotGrant

    PilotGrant Well-Known Member

    Price decreased to $4,000
  9. PilotGrant

    PilotGrant Well-Known Member

  10. PilotGrant

    PilotGrant Well-Known Member

  11. PilotGrant

    PilotGrant Well-Known Member

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