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2011 Stanley Cup

Discussion in 'General' started by rd400racer, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. Cawk Star

    Cawk Star Well-Known Member

    Bruins are just toying with the Habs.........eeek! Go Bruins!
  2. Ripp Racing

    Ripp Racing Active Member

    Go Bruins can't stand the Habs.
  3. ScreamingSon

    ScreamingSon Well-Known Member

    Damn. Both my teams are out.
  4. Hooper

    Hooper Well-Known Member

  5. 976-FIZR

    976-FIZR In transition...

    C-A-P-S! Caps, Caps, Caps!!!

    Somebody dust off Rod Langway, Mike Gartner & Bobby Carpenter! Feed that kid Dale Hunter on a break away and watch the white towels fly!

    Yeah, I know... it's been what, 20 years and the Caps have only made it to the dance one time? Meh... it's like the lottery, it's nice to dream, but the odds of winning it all are pretty long. :D

    P.S. - I hate the Flyers, and so should you.
  6. mfbRSV

    mfbRSV Well-Known Member

    I do too, but I like Boucher. :D

    Watched the first two periods of the Hawks/Canucks but fell asleep and missed the end. Great series though.
  7. Gron4

    Gron4 I'm in your house

    Hawks junkie here! Last year was more fun....Canucks play a clutch and grab game which is crap and their GM should be ashamed! Go Nashville
  8. rugbymook

    rugbymook Under Construction


    Down 1-0, but playing well.
  9. f4capt

    f4capt Zoinks!

    Indeed. And you aren't there, why?
  10. Don't tell mom

    Don't tell mom Well-Known Member

    The Bruin

  11. Don't tell mom

    Don't tell mom Well-Known Member

    Now Let's go Tampa Bay
  12. f4capt

    f4capt Zoinks!

    Tough loss Pens fans. I will say that I think what the Pens accomplished this season without Cindy and Jenny is to be commended. It shows how well the organization is run. They hung tough all season and I am sure will be a force again next year. That being said, I am glad they are out for this season. GO FLYERS!
  13. ScreamingSon

    ScreamingSon Well-Known Member

    wow Overtime in Boston!
  14. Focker

    Focker Well-Known Member

    Canucks vs. Bruins in the Cup.

    Canucks in 6
  15. rugbymook

    rugbymook Under Construction

    Bummer. Rough loss.

    I was at the last game. I split my tickets with a few friends and the two other guys had tonight.
  16. Ripp Racing

    Ripp Racing Active Member

    Go Leafs Go! Oh Shit that's right
  17. Sabre699

    Sabre699 Wait...hold my beer.

    Boston all the way!
  18. Mechdziner714

    Mechdziner714 More Gas Less Brakes

    I'll take it as a good sign you guys are already looking past Nashville.
  19. rd400racer

    rd400racer Well-Known Member

    Boston looks pretty good this afternoon.
  20. lee955i

    lee955i The Traveling Gnome

    Can't believe the Bolts took the first game from Washington:wow:. They could actually be dangerous if their first liners actually start contributing more.
    There have been a LOT of great games this year. Awesome stuff!!
    Cheers, Lee S.

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