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2008 R6 Superbike (2mm overbore)

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by G.Rand, Mar 10, 2021.

  1. G.Rand

    G.Rand Well-Known Member

    I built this bike in 2011, and freshened up the top end with new valves. springs, rings and gaskets in 2017. Due to medical issues, bike has only seen 2.5 hours on motor since the re-fresh. I have the Yamaha Certificate of Origin in hand (never registered for street use). This is an extensive build, including some parts sourced from European Moto2 teams. Bike runs great -- just needs someone to enjoy riding it. Included is a dyno chart from Attack Performance - we used VP 4.4 fuel - could have squeezed a few more HP from motor if I used MR12 and had some more time, but I wasn't gong to race w/MR12, so we didn't map for it.
    PRICE IS 10,900.00 AND BIKE IS LOCATED IN SO CAL. Feel free to contact me via PM here, or send me a text or call: 323-646-2004. My email address is: [email protected]
    Thanks -- Gregg

    Here's some details about the motor build:
    • Head was sent to UK for porting by Tim Radley
    • Cylinder bore performed by Lee's Cycles
    • Carillo Rods and CP Pistons
    • YEC Valve springs
    • YEC Kit Alternator
    • YEC "B" Transmission
    • YEC / MB Motorsports Superbike Radiator
    • Porter Cams
    • STM Slipper Clutch
    • YEC Airbox w/ adjustable air intake stacks
    • New crank and rod bearings, gaskets, etc.
    • Samco Hose Kit
    • Includes the latest ECU for the R6 - finer tuning and suspension data options (Dyno chart below reflects tuning with older ECU)
    The bike includes:
    • Robby Moto 25mm Offset triple clamps
    • K-Tech 35DDS Rear Shock
    • K-Tech 20DDS Front Cartridges
    • Ohlins steering damper
    • Carbon fiber fenders, heel guards
    • Kevlar Fuel Cell protection
    • BST Carbon Fiber Wheels
    • Graves Full Ti Exhaust
    • Brembo HP Calipers
    • Brembo 290mm Rotors
    • Brembo "MotoGP" master cylinder of 2010 era
    • New RK Chain
    • Sharkskins Bodyworks
    • Graves Clip-ons
    • Graves Rearsets
    • MotoHolder Subframe
    • Suter rear wheel axle kit
    • Dion Brake Lever Guard
    • CRG SuperSport Clutch
    • MotionPro Throttle
    • Lots of Titanium Unobtanium Farkles
    • I've got lots of spares for sale, too (magnesium wheels, stands, tirewarmers, suits, etc.).

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  2. S.Krzak

    S.Krzak Active Member

    How hard would it be to convert for street riding.
  3. Jeffrecodo

    Jeffrecodo Well-Known Member

    Wayyyyy hard
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  4. Rugbydad

    Rugbydad Little Member

    Uhhhh...why would you do that? Its a race bike.
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  5. Ducti89

    Ducti89 Ticketing Melka’s dirtbike.....

    Smoke leader bikez....
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  6. Moto5150

    Moto5150 Well-Known Member

    Sick build, GLWS!
  7. For those who don’t know, Radley is kind of a big deal, people know him :) Being serious the guys one of the best in the world, I don’t know the OP but that just. Aught my eye reading this.
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  8. G.Rand

    G.Rand Well-Known Member

    Mr. Bacon -- you're right on the money -- good catch. Generally speaking, I was told Radley doesn't work on bikes anymore because there's so much more $$ from the automotive market for him to work in. I was lucky enough to obtain his services simply because a well known member on the beeb (who is known for his perfect hair) has a long standing relationship with Radley, and Mr. Hair Gel was building this engine/bike for me and coordinated the head work. The head porting wasn't cheap, but was worth every penny.
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  9. fastedyamaha

    fastedyamaha Well-Known Member

    I was going to page you to see if you’d inspect it for Carrillo rods. Too soon?
  10. Ducti89

    Ducti89 Ticketing Melka’s dirtbike.....

    My days with 2 overs is done. The engine is painted black so.....
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  11. nicholae

    nicholae Well-Known Member

    Bike still for sale?
  12. Chuck Hopper

    Chuck Hopper Member

    Would you be willing to sell the magnesium wheels separately? If so can you send pics ? Looking for floating rotors too.

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  13. G.Rand

    G.Rand Well-Known Member

    Update: Yes, the bike is still for sale.
  14. G.Rand

    G.Rand Well-Known Member

    Bump and a price drop....new price is 9900.00. My contact info is in the original post.
  15. G.Rand

    G.Rand Well-Known Member

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