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2006 Honda 600RR complete part-out

Discussion in 'Parts for Sale' started by snakeize, Aug 16, 2018.

  1. snakeize

    snakeize Member

    This is a bike in perfect working order so if you want anything just ask me for it, it has all the normal parts plus what is listed below.
    Carbonin Avio fiber bodywork/ with long seat pad unit(never been down)
    Zero Gravity Corsa windscreen
    Vortex rearsets
    Woodcraft Clip ons
    Engine w/Woodcraft case covers/ new clutch(only 1 race weekend on it)
    Galfer wave rotors
    Brembo 19x18 master cyclinder
    Motion pro revolver throttle
    Vortex front fairing stay
    Carbon Fiber air ducts
    Ohlins 25mm carts(less than a season on refresh)
    Ohlins 46 rear shock (sprung for 165lb rider)
    GPR V4 steering damper
    Speigler stainless brake lines
    Pazzo clutch lever
    Leo Vince wssp full ti exhaust
    Bazzaz FI/TC/QS with on the fly map switch(pump/u4.4) and adjustable TC
    New Bazzaz dual strain gauge QS sensor
    Vortex keyless gas cap
    Woodcraft frame sliders
    Spare set of crashed bodywork
    Front and rear rim
    Spare rear rim
  2. Snakecrate

    Snakecrate Well-Known Member

    How much for air duct?
  3. snakeize

    snakeize Member

    120 for the Air ducts
  4. Honda289

    Honda289 Member

    How much for the rear sets? Steering damper? Frame sliders? Fuel cap?
  5. snakeize

    snakeize Member

    Vortex rearset 175
    GPR V4 steering damper 250
    Woodcraft frame sliders 25
    Vortex fuel cap 50
  6. Laz

    Laz The New Guy

    How much for the front rim, and does it come with rotors?
  7. snakeize

    snakeize Member

    100 for the rim without rotors or 275 for the rim with the Galfer wave rotors still on it.
  8. YoshiHNS

    YoshiHNS Mr. Slowly

    Complete swingarm w/o rim (suspension links, axles, ect)?
    Ohlins shock?
    Shipping to Cleveland, OH?
  9. sixhundRR

    sixhundRR Member

    Price for ohlins shock shipped to NC?
  10. snakeize

    snakeize Member

    Complete swingarm w/o rim is 50 shipped
    Ohlins shock is 500
  11. 82Airborne

    82Airborne Well-Known Member

    Are you parting out the whole bike or just the cool guy stuff? I’m Looking at your cooling fan, subframe, faring stay and wind screen. PM me details please sir.

  12. InvisibleSaddle

    InvisibleSaddle Well-Known Member

    Air ducts still available..... shipped to CA, 92324
  13. erj600rr

    erj600rr New Member

    What are you looking to get for the Ohlins cartridges?
  14. snakeize

    snakeize Member

    I am looking to get 950 for the Ohlins cartridges.
  15. snakeize

    snakeize Member

    In answer to earlier questions the air ducts are sold and literally every part on the bike is for sale not just what I listed.
  16. CrayzPaul

    CrayzPaul Active Member

    PM sent
  17. snakeize

    snakeize Member

    GPR steering dampener sold.
  18. snakeize

    snakeize Member

    Swingarm sold
  19. festertruck

    festertruck Well-Known Member

    Price on the brembo front m/c?
  20. snakeize

    snakeize Member

    Brembo master is 140 shipped

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