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1984 Honda NS250R For Sale

Discussion in '2-Stroke Machines' started by Yamanatic, Mar 24, 2024.

  1. Yamanatic

    Yamanatic Active Member

    Hi All,
    I'm selling my '84 Honda NS250R after a recommission and face lift. The bike is mostly stock and original, with both Vintage Racer and Collector potential; this is a 1st year gray bike sold in Japan only and the 1st aluminum frame production bike from Honda:

    It runs well, most everything works, it is almost all stock, and has reasonably low mileage with 19K Kilometers (12K Miles). The body work is kinda' beat (it had been previously crashed and repaired), but the damage was light and mostly to the plastic; repairs are all reinforced fiberglass and typical. Paint job is new - decent but nothing stellar, race quality or better. Graphics are Vinyl decals and can be removed if the buyer wants something different.

    Carbs have been cleaned - it recently came out of long storage so needed attention. The petcock was missing and an exact replacement was not available, so a new near-match was installed. New fuel lines, new battery, and new ignition switch. The gas cap is off because the original needed a key and was broken; a replacement cap is on the way (used, but good). The stock air filter has been re-foamed with green UNI-filter material. The left silencer has been replaced with a DG Performance Type II brushed aluminum can; an original silencer will be included - the DG and stock have very similar notes. And yes, the fuel pump has been eliminated. Tires have good tread but are old and show sidewall checking.

    Clean AZ title and current registration in my name. Not trying to retire off the sale (I already am). It seems like a $3600 price is fair - if there is no interest from local ads and posts, I will do a 'no-reserve' auction on Bring a Trailer or Iconic Motorbike; it Will be sold this spring. as I already have another street bike - no, it's not a diesel. The NS would make a good vintage track bike (many were racerized and proven to be competitive back in the day), a daily rider as is, or restored to 'collector' condition; it is mostly original with no signs of track use (yet!). A red seat with no passenger strap will also be included.

    Bike is located in Phoenix AZ. $3600.
    Drop me a PM, eMail at [email protected], or call/text six02-653-one876.

    Thank you,
  2. Riot

    Riot Well-Known Member

    Given what people are asking for regular old RDs these days, this is a smoking deal on a very interesting and rare bike.

    Another motorcycle is not on my priority list right now, but I’m still considering this because it just looks like fun!
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  3. dave3593

    dave3593 What I know about opera I learned from Bugs Bunny

    Wow Yamanatic, you're the 2 stroke king.
  4. Yamanatic

    Yamanatic Active Member

    Totally hopeless - I'm crazy about that stuff! Those who have never ridden a bike without valves will never know the rush...
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  5. Yamanatic

    Yamanatic Active Member

  6. Benmont

    Benmont Well-Known Member

    I want it.
  7. Benmont

    Benmont Well-Known Member

    Located in Bremerton, Wa....
  8. Yamanatic

    Yamanatic Active Member

    SOLD - Actually traded...
  9. DJ Baker

    DJ Baker Well-Known Member

    I arrived in Surprise for work the day you pulled the Cl add. :mad:
  10. Yamanatic

    Yamanatic Active Member

    Sorry 'bout that. The deal actually was a trade for another project; a 1973 RD350 with only 9K miles. I am mounting a 260mm DTLS Yamabrake on the front, and installing vintage shouldered rims.
    The new owner wants to restore the Honda back to stock.
  11. DJ Baker

    DJ Baker Well-Known Member

    Congrats on the trade! I didn't need it anyway, but that wouldn't have stopped me. Even had one of my enabling coworkers with me that surely would have said, "You should buy it.", just so he could take it for a spin. Sounds like it went to a better home, since I would have just left it as is and only rode it every once it a while. I have one of motion's old bikes to scratch that itch, so all good.

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