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Discussion in 'Mini Racing' started by JBowen33, Feb 6, 2019.

  1. JBowen33

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    So I have a Z125 I use for pit bike duty and errand trips, camping, or just a rip around the neighborhood on a nice day. I’m thinking of doing some NJMP open practice days on it just to mess around on during the week. Also I’m planning on using it to ride around the track with my son when he starts riding in a year or two. Also a big might throw a race in there once or twice this year.

    So here’s where I’d like some input... What’s the minimum everyone does to these things to help them survive some track usage? (Oil coolers, rotors etc) I have branded lines and upgraded pads coming. That’s all I’ve pretty much done outside of mirror block off bolts. Like to keep the cost down and keep it street legal as that’s 98 percent of what it’s usage is going to be. I know the obvious like suspension and all that but I could careless about lap times and just want to have the most fun for cheap without killing it. I was looking at getting the Diablo’s scooter tires as upgrades after I try the stockers and see how terrible they actually are. Thanks
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    Top of the list, and not being the bank, I think would be to get some tires.

    I have a 150r and to do NJMP as well so I'm sure I'll come across ya.

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  3. JBowen33

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    Yeah those are on the must haves. I haven’t found much info on tires. Ether it’s this brand lasts forever (for the street) or this is the stickests (for track) I just want something in between. I think the Diablos might be the ticket for me. I can’t find any info on them for track use.
  4. 2wheeldev

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    I have mitas slicks for mine. They have non slick as well. Try PMT and Dunlop too.

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  5. JBowen33

    JBowen33 Only fast on Facebook

    I thought about the Mitas but I think they won’t last with the street use. I’m leaning towards the Diablos since they seem like a good medium between street/ track and that I’m a Pirelli fan.
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  6. sharky nrk

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    The center of the Dunlops and Mitas wear out pretty quickly on the street but they are worlds better on the edge of the tire, especially with stock suspension wallowing around. I am using the KD1 Kwicks from Kenda right now because they are so cheap that I don't care if I wear out the center and they seem to be about 85-90% of the Dunlops in performance. Mitas softs are a step above. I just picked up some PMT slicks and am excited to try those on my spare wheels.
  7. cfaddict

    cfaddict carbonated

    I've been racing my z125 on the stock tires and push the hell out of them... to the point of the front end bouncing and chattering around corners. just get them sliding a bit but they sure take some punishment....for reference I've drug knees in the rain on them as well.

    I just got a grom sponsorship though and the shop wants me to try pirellis next..I eventually want to get to the dunlops but I have to get used to the grom off the Z first.


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  8. D-Zum

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    I'm running Dunlop TT93's on my Grom and I absolutely love them. I'm riding some street and mostly track with them and the
    wear rate is fantastic. United Mini Moto is like riding on a cheese grader, and they cleaned right up after a session or two at Sandy Hook Speedway.
    They've never slipped on me once.

    My Grom has Ohlins suspension front and rear, just to provide full disclosure. It's almost a must and completely worth it.
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