Yamaha R6 08+ K-Tech suspension

Discussion in 'Parts for Sale' started by alex127, Jul 7, 2018.

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    20180705_190627_resized.jpg 20180705_190658_resized.jpg 20180705_190708_resized.jpg 20180707_154031_resized.jpg 20180707_154052_resized.jpg 20180707_154104_resized.jpg 20180707_154026_resized.jpg Hi, I have for sale a set of K-Tech 20 DDS Gas fork and a K-Tech DDS Pro rear shock that are in great condition. It comes with the tool to change the fork springs. There is a .95 spring in one fork leg and a 1.0 spring in the other leg. There is a 0.95 spring installed on the rear shock. I am selling the fork $1200.00 shipped and the shock $1000.00 shipped.

    I am about to part out a complete 2009 R6 so if you are looking for other race parts then let me know.


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  2. alex127

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    I am open to offers...

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    I am located in Quebec city
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    Best price shipped to 07512 on the rear shock
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