Yamaha R6 08+ K-Tech suspension

Discussion in 'Parts for Sale' started by alex127, Jul 7, 2018.

  1. alex127

    alex127 Well-Known Member

    20180705_190627_resized.jpg 20180705_190658_resized.jpg 20180705_190708_resized.jpg 20180707_154031_resized.jpg 20180707_154052_resized.jpg 20180707_154104_resized.jpg 20180707_154026_resized.jpg Hi, I have for sale a set of K-Tech 20 DDS Gas fork and a K-Tech DDS Pro rear shock that are in great condition. It comes with the tool to change the fork springs. There is a .95 spring in one fork leg and a 1.0 spring in the other leg. There is a 0.95 spring installed on the rear shock. I am selling the fork $1200.00 shipped and the shock $1000.00 shipped.

    I am about to part out a complete 2009 R6 so if you are looking for other race parts then let me know.


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  2. alex127

    alex127 Well-Known Member

    I am open to offers...

  3. mkolankowski

    mkolankowski Active Member

  4. alex127

    alex127 Well-Known Member

    I am located in Quebec city
  5. mkolankowski

    mkolankowski Active Member

    Best price shipped to 07512 on the rear shock
  6. Alex Yampo

    Alex Yampo Well-Known Member

    PM sent
  7. alex127

    alex127 Well-Known Member

    Still have the suspension... $1100.00 for the fork and $900.00 for the shock shipping included
  8. stripe636

    stripe636 Member

    I just picked up an R6 track bike and will need parts. Looking for resets, brakes, and clutch/brake lever,
  9. ffezro

    ffezro Active Member

    Got a race dash?
  10. superduke14

    superduke14 Well-Known Member

    Best price shipped to 45331 on the rear shock?
  11. Price on both as a bundle. Also do you have the complete front end for the r6? Throttle bodies airbox?
  12. Dio's R6

    Dio's R6 Member

    still available?
  13. Sean R.

    Sean R. New Member

    Race Bodywork available? I'm in Toronto.

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