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  1. erick1670

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    Hi fellas!
    Happy New Years to all...

    I am selling all my parts that I was gathering to for when I would buy a new R1 for a track bike, but I came across to a 2016 RSV4 at great price to convert to a track bike that I could not pass on it.


    So, all my goodies have to go to a nice homes...
    All parts are new except specified.

    All prices include free shipping to lower 48, except the race plastics :D

    Ohlins TTX electronic shock converted into a manual set up for a 160-195 rider without gear for Advanced pace trackdays :D
    Speigler brake lines non abs
    BMC race air filer (used few trackdays)
    Driven clip ons (used, one new lever)
    GB Racing right side covers (clutch & alternator)
    Woodcraft Ignition Trigger cover
    Driven (steal, R/43) and Vortex (F/15)sprockets
    Gas cap
    Burzig side stand plate bracket
    Pitbull restraint pins
    Brembo M4 calipers 108mm (used, I had them on my CBR 600RR 07 and wow)
    M4 catalyst delete mid pipe
    Chinesse rear sets... they are great, I have them on both my RSV4’s
    Hotbodies race plastics (already sand it)
    $400 pick up, or we can split the shipping

    For further info or pics text me at 516 840 4737
    Thanks for looking....


    Ok.... these are all the pics I could up load here.
    Text me for more detail pics
  2. erick1670

    erick1670 Chapin

    IMG_0455.JPG IMG_0454.jpg IMG_0470.JPG IMG_0475.JPG IMG_0463.JPG IMG_0491.JPG IMG_0455.JPG IMG_0454.jpg IMG_0470.JPG IMG_0475.JPG IMG_0463.JPG IMG_0491.JPG IMG_8930.JPG 20180105_144113.jpg
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  3. erick1670

    erick1670 Chapin

  4. erick1670

    erick1670 Chapin

    Clip ons
    Air filter
    Gas cap and Pitbull pins are sold....

  5. erick1670

    erick1670 Chapin

    Race plastics sold... bump
  6. erick1670

    erick1670 Chapin

    M4 catalyst delete is sold.... thx!!

  7. warclok

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    That APE pic was taken at NYST, I can see the tarmac and grass...:D

    Hope to see you there, we are season pass holders!!
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  8. erick1670

    erick1670 Chapin


    That was my 3rd after ride on it after the rebuild.

    Sprockets sold... thx!
  9. erick1670

    erick1670 Chapin


    The Brembo calipers are sold, thx!
  10. Jaybee59

    Jaybee59 Slow and easy...

    Thanks Eric for all your advice on the calipers!
  11. erick1670

    erick1670 Chapin

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