Yamaha Kit ECU and quickshifter

Discussion in 'Tech' started by RM Racing, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. RM Racing

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    Any of you geniuses out there have experience hooking any of the quickshifter switches (Dynojet, Bazzaz) into the stock harness with a Yamaha '08 R6 kit ECU? The older kit harnesses used the sidestand switch connector, but I have no luck making this work.

    No guessing, I've already done that.
  2. Hooper

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    RM did you ever solve this puzzle?

    We are in a similar quandary and a quick search brought up this post from the past. :)
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  3. RM Racing

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    Yes. Probably an hour later. :)

    MELK-MAN The Dude abides...

    What setup does my 08 bike with kit box have Rick? Is that a stock or yec harness. ?
  5. RM Racing

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    Stock with the sub harness bits.
  6. migkilr

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    I am looking for the answer to the same question. 08 R6 with kit ECU and sub-harness into the stock harness. I was able to talk to Chuck when I picked them up at Graves motorsports and he mentioned using two of the unused EXUP wires to splice the DJ quickshifter in. I wanted to hear from somebody who has done it before I start getting crazy with hooking up wires and blowing up my bike (off the top of his head, he didn't remember exactly which wires to use). If someone has the answer, please post the reply on the board so others can use it. Thanks!
  7. migkilr

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    I got the answer and hooked it up with no problems. DJ quickshifter blue wire goes to the blue wire and green goes to the white/red wire on the Exup connector. Set voltage at 2.5V (the default) on the software and you're good to go!
  8. dr.z

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    Does anybody know hot to pull this off with the a 09 R1? I have a KIT ECU, Sub harness and a dynojet quick shifter.

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