xr80(95) carb issues

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    YZROOSTINYA Well-Known Member

    Hopefully this is the right section. Move to tech if need be.

    I have a 85' XR 80 with the following:

    95cc 10.5:1 Powroll big bore kit
    Hotcam stage 1 cam.
    Completely rebuilt bottom end(bearing/crank/gears...)
    FMF spark arrested full system
    stock air filter with screen around cage removed
    stock carb
    17" front wheel
    14" rear

    It ran great for awhile but I could never fully get the jetting right. Now I am back to stock main and everything and it fouls plugs in 2-3 mins and pops all over. even when it ran good it just didn't seem to have the right power. My buddies trashed 100 has a tiny bit more power but isnt as smooth. My bike should be more powerful right? more compression, same displacement, cam and exhaust???

    So anyone have an idea of what to do. I am going to completely clean and rebuild carb again. Should I put on a xr100 carb? what should my jetting be?

    I am 300ft above sea level

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  2. Kurlon

    Kurlon Well-Known Member

    You're fouling plugs with the stock main?

    Float height way off, float not working?
    Is it oil or gas fouling?
    Valves adjusted correctly?

    YZROOSTINYA Well-Known Member

    yes stock main fouling out.

    Gas fouling, not oil burn.

    I beleive the float is sticking or something. valves all good.

    YZROOSTINYA Well-Known Member

    Solved the problem

    I put on a XR100 carb and so far I have gone from the stock 95 main to a 105. Still lean but runs much better. I think I will end up around a 110.

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