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WTB 2013-2018 zx6r/636 Wheels

Discussion in 'Wanted to buy or trade' started by BigVee, Aug 10, 2022.

  1. BigVee

    BigVee Member

    Set of spare wheels if anyone has.
    Located in Orange County NY.
  2. WERA#190

    WERA#190 Well-Known Member

    6391F53D-0F3F-478A-9C9F-3C08E740CA75.jpeg 63333352-6399-4224-9173-08FC364A88EC.jpeg Hi not sure if it fits have 2 brand new rear wheels 07-08 zx6r .
  3. BigVee

    BigVee Member

    I don't think they do because of the TC ring. 13+ wheels have the indent for that, earlier models don't
  4. 2k12r

    2k12r Inner-Circle Racing

    I have a spare set from my 2013
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  5. Quick6RR

    Quick6RR Well-Known Member

    Still want to sell your wheels?

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