Wow! Massive turnout in Obsolete Racing @ Tally!

Discussion in 'WERA Vintage' started by El Skwid!, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. El Skwid!

    El Skwid! Old guy, old bikes

    After perusing the results I have to wonder what happened to all the guys that like to point & poke about how much they love racing @ TGPR?
    The name still makes me chuckle after all these years.
    7HW was 4 bump ups as usual, where were those Duc guys? The CBR 900's?
    Our own PN, FNG Joe? Catastrophic oil leak like mine? (They leak all the time.)What, wife made you trim the hedges, polish the driveway, or do your own laundry this week? (Just getting you back for the raking over the coals you gave me @ RRR)

    Props to the guys that made it: EBoz for really studying the US tax code about overseas earnings; RH for making the trek down from moonshine land, looks like the bike is sorted out now; Mr Reliable & SSB entrant Woody, & some other guy that didn't get "meatballed" this time.

    With tongue firmly in cheek...
  2. rwood64083

    rwood64083 Gifted as in 'DUHHHH'

    C'mon Wag, don't give Joe too hard a time. Things happen :D

    Fun time on the track with Ray, Mike and Eboz. I knew I couldn't hang with those guys but during the MW race I stuck with Boz for quite awhile only to find out later he was running a borderline crappy rear tire. Imagine my surprise when we went out for the HW race and I saw a bright stripe around the center of Boz's rear tire. There was no hanging with him after that.

    And just a word of advice... don't ever hit an orange cone laying in the middle of turn one at Tally. It upsets your suspension like you would not believe :down:
  3. 02GSXR

    02GSXR Well-Known Member

    Hot damn brother I never said two words about RRR or did I get any "digs" in for racing. As for not showing up it is justified. I had all my gear and bike packed in my enclosed trailer in tow to Virginia on Tuesday. The plan was to visit my in-laws until Saturday and drive to Tally for the race.

    My wife has not seen them in two years due to distance and work schedule. During that time (last week) the US Army decided they were going to call and tell me I have just a few days before they send me off again (killing my fun).

    So in short, I knew my wife would not be home again for some time. Family comes first and if she can be loyal and supportive while I have been gone and will be gone then I can spare a race with the Vintage Crew (even though I wanted to be there!).

    I do believe if Eric would of sweet talked her with his soft verbiage she would of been speeding to his side, lol. Wet undies and all......

    Thanks for sticking up for me brother!! All this rhetoric is tiresome....

    Glad everyone was safe! Hate that I missed the Hickman's and E-boz!! Pit bitch next year brother.......

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  4. GypsyRacing

    GypsyRacing V7 Gypsy

    D@ngit skwidword, if Joseph's wife wants him to stay home and trim her bush, he has certain obligations. I hate to pull out the good book on you, but you did relocate to the bible belt.

    Thou shall trimith thy wife's bush.....I think there is a clause that covers thy neighbors goods too. Us married, God fearing folks have obligations outside of Tally.

    Isn't there something in that there book about not playing at tally too much or thou shall go blind.....or hairy palms or something.

    Don't be hating! You past up on a premo trackday weekend just down the street from your house.
  5. gpracer15

    gpracer15 Built to Ride

    Wish I could have made it.....could of been FUN.....
  6. Outsider V6 V7

    Outsider V6 V7 Well-Known Member

    Well I would have liked to say that I was competitive but that would be less than honest. After 5 months off the bike I was a disaster and had no hope of being competitive so my goal was to just improve throughout the weekend. I did that but my times were embarassingly slow. Mr. Burns, on the other hand came out of the trailer on Friday with a 1:02 and logged a 1:01 in practice. Ray missed all of practice with a failed petcock and managed to get a few laps in. The V7 race I finally got comfortable in the last 5 laps. The start of the V7 race was wild as the row gap to the twins did not provide the spacing desired and we all piled into one together. Burns took the grass route and just got away. I had a good start but the door shut into one and both Ray and I were behind Woody. It was still fun to be back on the track and thanks to Woody for the after race refreshments.
  7. kanatuna

    kanatuna You can't polish a turd..

    Are there complaints here by complaining parties that didnt make the event themselves? Hmm...
  8. rwood64083

    rwood64083 Gifted as in 'DUHHHH'

  9. gpracer15

    gpracer15 Built to Ride

    U guys on the true HW bikes just need to eat twice as much during the off season, watch football, rest on the couch, etc.....Should give you 2 seconds a lap :D

    Someone needs to get some lead weights on Mr Burns or sit him down and remind him he is over 40 and his speeds need to slow down. Its harder to react at those speeds when over 40 and he is putting us at risk:crackup:
  10. rwood64083

    rwood64083 Gifted as in 'DUHHHH'

    All I gotta say about Mike is DAAYYYYYUUUUMMMMMM! I'm still trying to follow leads like Howie, Chuck and BJ. I'm not quit seeing a light at the end of that tunnel with Mike. Awesome riding Mike. Dammit Howie, I knew I should've bought that bike :D I know it wouldn't have made me as fast as Mike but definitely would have helped :up:
  11. El Skwid!

    El Skwid! Old guy, old bikes

    Joe, you are having a 'Senior moment'. Don't worry, they happen more & more often as you mature. But you can use it to your advantage with the wife.
    Her: "Honey, we're supposed to go to Mom's for dinner tonight. Why are you still working on the racebike?"
    You: "That was tonight? I must have forgot!"

    All I heard out of you on Sunday was about going to Tally, "EBoz will be there. Ray will be there. I'll be there. We'll have a good grid." (For 6HW, that would be a good grid.)
    That & for being too skeered to run Carlos's Gat-6. Pushed the front my a$$! They don't make enough hp to push the front.

    'Tuna, you should know by now that Obsolete Racers are professional complainers: if it's clear & sunny, it made the track greasy. If rain cools it off, we don't have rain tires. If turnout is light, there was noone to race. If turnout was good, someone was too fast or slow. If someone else buys beer, it was the wrong brand/not cold enough/ they didn't bring enough.
    I don't care for that track. "It has a lack of amenities" is one way to put it.
  12. rwood64083

    rwood64083 Gifted as in 'DUHHHH'

    You said 'as you mature' not 'as you age'. In that case, no senior moments for me EVER! :D

    I got the Jack :beer:
  13. mmfoor

    mmfoor Team Stupid!

    In my case I am now doing LWTS w/WERA and vintage w/ AHRMA. This works on an SV.

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