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    Built from the ground up, around a Kawasaki KLX-178cc motor. This thing is a rocket and stops on a dime. Everything is basically in excellent condition. More details below:

    Chassis Specs:
    - KLX-110 frame, powdercoated black
    - 2016 KTM-65 forks
    - K-Tech Cartridge Kit (valved by Joe Kraft)
    - 2016 KTM Triples
    - 2016 KTM 450 Brakes w/SBS pads
    - BBR +2 swingarm
    - Honda NSR-100 OEM wheels, powdercoated black
    - PMT slicks (like new)
    - Sunstar front and rear rotors (via Japan), w/Ti bolts
    - Elka Stage 3 shock (custom build and valve)
    - Steel brake lines
    - GP Tech Rear thumb brake
    - Renthal bars
    - Woodcraft bar guards
    - New/white bodywork (KLX) with KTM front fender/number plate
    - Lightened/anodized sprocket(s), new chain and chain guard and guide, w/Ti bolts
    - BBR seat
    - $$$$ spent above

    Engine Specs:
    - Built by Lyle Mirsky from Classic Honda. This engine is special, from the classic mini-racing days. Had 2-3 hours on it when I got it. Have only ridden for an hour since building the bike. $8k into the motor alone.

    - 178cc bottom end, 4-valve Kitaco head
    - Revs to 14,500rpm
    - 4-speed closed ratio transmission
    - Manual cam chain tensioner
    - Starter boss removed to flip carb. position (more power)
    - Kitaco rev-box
    - Oil cooler
    - 28mm D-Slide carb.
    - Ti pipe
    - Makes 24.8hp
    - Power/torque built for roadracing, meant to beat Honda 150R's
    - Many more specs and details behind the power in the build (it's reliable)

    This is a one off bike. It's a rocket ship. I built it to take on 150R's. The only problem - it doesn't love to start once it's hot. Valve gaps check out, but it's something I haven't had time to troubleshoot. Special thanks to Mark Gonyou for the custom machining needed to fit everything together, Lyle for the engine building and Joe for the suspension work needed to get the suspension setup right.

    $6,000. Located in Michigan.

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    Wow that's a beautiful bike.
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    Bump. OBO.
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    Hey Eddie, where’s the link to your shop build on garage journal?:D

    EDIT - and “good Lord” on the mini.
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    Looking to move... make offer.
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    Define : it doesn't love to start once it's hot

    As in it straight up won’t start or just a couple extra kicks ?
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    Sold, thanks.

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