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Discussion in 'Tech' started by wills rims, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. wills rims

    wills rims Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone i just wanted to say thanks for everyone who sends there wheels my way and puts up with my communication problems. Sometimes everything gets overwhelming and you don't know which way you are going. I have had the worst luck with phones. I have the phone deal working smoothly now. For all you guys that had to go somewhere else i am deeply sorry for not being there for you. I really try to get to everybody that needs my straightening ability. If anyone does call leave a message and i will promptly return them. If you can text me and i will return those as well. My email is willbabb@hotmail.com phone# 864-329-7671 Address is Wills Rim Repair
    416 Winding Brook Ct. Greenville SC 29617 Wheel straightening is 65.00 per wheel. Welding rash or cracks i am throwing in free. Besure to put your contact info in box unless your contact info is on label. If anybody has any questions feel free to contact me thru this forum or one the above methods.


  2. tommyd273

    tommyd273 Well-Known Member

    Hats off to you Will. G'luck.
  3. wills rims

    wills rims Well-Known Member

    Thanks. I am going to get a grip on my business skills. I have tons of work year round but , it is not fair to you guys that need quality repair with a budget that needs to be low or whether money is not an issue.
  4. tittys04

    tittys04 Well-Known Member

    Hey man... I've sent a couple rims your way, and I will send more to you when I need them done again. You do a great job, good luck!
  5. rk97

    rk97 Well-Known Member

    I literally read a facebook post yesterday from a friend of mine who was talking about how "finally got a sub-$75 repair bill on something from my last crash, thanks to Will's Rim Repair."

    I've referred people your way on reputation alone. Best of luck in the future.
  6. TLR67

    TLR67 Well-Known Member

    Great Work and Great Turn around.....
  7. Pigman

    Pigman Well-Known Member

    Im in.......got a wobbler on my hands
  8. Racer45

    Racer45 old guy just tryin'

    had great turn around for my last 3-4 wheels/rotors I sent. Thanks for the good work
  9. grantcarruthers

    grantcarruthers Well-Known Member


    I had a great experience and result with Will. With a few minutes research here and on his web site I included a personal check for payment and a prepaid return shipping bill in the box. Got my two rims back in a few weeks in perfect shape.

    Thanks Will
  10. Pigman

    Pigman Well-Known Member

    and Pm sent too
  11. TurboBlew

    TurboBlew Registers Abusers

    I think that method works best. Ive prepaid & put a return label in. Makes turnaround really quick! :up:
  12. grantcarruthers

    grantcarruthers Well-Known Member

    Yep yep

    No reason not to unless your rims are so completely FUBAR that you don't know what they'll take to fix. If it's a straight forward straightening his pricing is clearly indicated so just remove the extra steps of having him bill you, wait for payment, clear payment, etc, etc, etc.:up:
  13. wills rims

    wills rims Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the shout outs. I really appreciate it.
  14. mtmansl

    mtmansl Well-Known Member

    Will did a great job on my wheels, he'll my business again!
  15. wills rims

    wills rims Well-Known Member

    Remember if you send a rim to me and it is nonrepairable then i will send you back the rim with no cost on return shipping. If you choose for me to recycle rim then i will send your shipping money back to you. Also if you send check and rim is no good then i will shred check or mail it back to you.
  16. masshole

    masshole sixoneseven

    That's good to hear, I have a few wheels that will be coming your way!
  17. wills rims

    wills rims Well-Known Member

  18. banzai132

    banzai132 Oh shit! not again!

    Will, you're the best. Thank You for the work you've done for me in the past.
  19. dennywags

    dennywags Well-Known Member

    you do brake rotors also, correct?
  20. wills rims

    wills rims Well-Known Member

    Yes, thanks. 10.00 each. If you send some and one turns out to be straight then i don't charge for checking the straight one. If i am doing other work for you and you have a rotor that is barely out then i throw those in with the job.
    Also thanks banzai132

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