Why NoVa is the worst place in the world.

Discussion in 'General' started by Dave K, Dec 14, 2017.

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    Where outside of Boston?
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    The job would be located in Lexington, so we would try to live somewhere to the West. I lived in Cambridge for 10 weeks this summer while commuting to Lexington and it wasn't all that great trying get around there (worst part was trying to get places on the weekends out of state).
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    I grew up off of what is now called Harmony Church Road, between Hamilton and Leesburg. Those were some of the best years of my life.

    Leesburg, Hamilton and Purcellville are beautiful. Waterford or Bluemont even more so. It was the boondocks when I lived there. Just so damn expensive now. I assume wages match the cost of living though.

    Loudoun County High School was awesome!
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    Lol. Back in the day 7 to 28 was two lane. You never hit traffic until Tyson’s Corner.

    Damn I’m old.
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    Good god, I can't even imagine that ever being true.
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    I was going to say that working in Lexington and living in Cambridge doesn't make much sense. I would live outside of 128 if my job was in Lexington.
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    For real. Leesburg had a population of 3,000. My senior class at Loudoun County High was 190 of us.
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    We are looking to get a place with some land, since we've been living in rented apartments/town houses for the last 5 years or so. It looks like a really nice area, I am just hoping to commute isn't terrible.

    From the pictures, it definitely looks like a beautiful place. I was out there for a hiring event (in Sterling), but didn't get to head out West to check it out. I am glad to hear you enjoyed living there growing up. We have a 2 year old and are trying to take his childhood into account when picking a new place to live.

    Yeah, it was a temporary situation. I had a "cheap" airbnb in Cambridge, but I would never consider living there and traveling to Lexington. It seems that we could spend the same amount in Virginia or in Mass, but we could definitely get a lot more in Virginia.
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    I was responding to Mongo about Atlanta.
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    Yes.......yes you were:crackup:woopsies.
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    Nice job skirting the edge of dungeon :D

    I agree, the only thing that will truly fix ATL is public transit but you're right, no one wants "those people" in their hood.

    For those not from here it's not a racial thing, "those people" are really just anyone not from where you live. It can be a money thing but even that doesn't work like it used to.
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    Eh, I work construction. Every 8months to a year my work location changes... Kinda tough to buy and sell houses that frequently
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    so they're finally building the "purple line" up here that's gonna go around, well, half of the beltway of DC in the MD portion. its owned by MD, but will connect to the Metro in 4 places so you can jump between the two. so now instead of going all the way into the city just to go back out, you can go around (who woulda thought?). BUT... it STILL won't go from MD over to northern VA, which is arguably the single worst commuting traffic in the whole region. so many companies are stationed in northern VA, but if it were to go from MD to VA, it would travel thru 2 of the richest parts of this entire country, and they don't want that coming thru their neighborhoods (even if there weren't any stops). i was thinking the train could just follow I-495 around like an elevated rail line or a tunnel under the bridge that crosses the Potomac... whatever works, but that would be a real game changer. right now to take the metro from Rockville to Tysons, it would essentially be like an hour and twenty minutes cause of the star shape of the metro system. the drive with no traffic is like 15 minutes. i've turned down jobs before because i didn't want to make that daily commute. everyone is so damn short sighted. i'll say this... at least MD's current governor is very pro-moving people and business attraction so he's all about expanding ease of travel, but when dealing with 3 jurisdictions (MD/VA/DC) or even down to the county level which makes it like 8 or 9, those decisions become a lot more convoluted.

    the "those people" thing... even with public transportation access, still to some degree kind of self-segregates itself. its interesting to watch. there's a few central stations of the metro in the center of DC where multiple lines transfer or cross. at those stations, if you're riding a train from one side of town to another... or rather a nicer side of town to a not so good side of town, or a side of town that's lots of industrial compared to lots of commercial office buildings... you can clear as day see the difference in the look/age/race/etc... of people that seem to not really go past the center point from one side or another. suburbia housewives have some irrational fear like the hood is gonna take over their neighborhood, but i think more often than not, people sub-consciously stick to what's familiar or stick to their little bubble, whatever that particular bubble may be. weird how it doesn't really materialize. you live in a spot, work in a spot, all your friends are there, you know the stores and restaurants, the people... irrelevant to black/asian/hispanic/white, yuppie or hood or down the middle... nothing keeps any one in one group from going to the other group by car, bus, or metro... but it seems like people just don't in any massive numbers for whatever reasons.
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    ATL is the same issue but counties vs states. None of the counties want those people from the other counties coming to theirs. Royal PITA. I'd love and use (even at a decently high cost) a rail line from out here to downtown with a better subway system in town. Right now it's about useless.
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    Its a nice bus, bathroom and all. Loudoun County Commuter, pick up at Purcellville, Harmony, Leesburg, Dulles Transit center, etc, and drops off all through out DC and Roslyn.
  17. Mongo

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    That's cool but damn, 4 hours a day in it?
  18. zx6rfool

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    Yep, but it' only 2 days a week. Hell from Woodbridge the commuter bus took hour and a half minimum, 2 and a half on bad days.
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    "Othering" like in Lost or Walking Dead

    As in ...Those other people are going to be able to get here
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    Harmony Church Road is one of the nicest scenic country roads
    In the USA and is very similar to the way you remember it with the exception that the pavement is kept up better tha Summit Point these days.
    Loudoun County Leesburg and West should not even be spoken of as NOVA
    My stay in Northern Virginia started in 1968 when my Air Force Colonel father was transferred here from Colorado Springs. We lived near Mt Vernon
    The Parkway between My Vernon and Alexandria was the party zone back then
    I have lived since then in Alexandria ,Arlington, Falls Church, Reston and 34 years ago escaped to Bluemont. By dumb luck with the market and a wife who overlooked my ignorance so we kept our properties when we moved and did exchanges when we could and refinanced with a 15 year mortgage we now own our house in Bluemont with no mortgage and our houses in Arlington and Winchester are rented with nice positive cash flows. The locations here with a solid real estate demand have made that easier than it might have been elsewhere
    After moving around as an Air Force family my whole childhood I feel I was damn lucky my Dad's next to last transfer was to NOVA.for me
    To complete high school in 69
    His last transfer was to Florida. I had left home by then and aside from a brief try in Colorado came back here where the economy is a step up on elsewhere, got work my first day back and have had a long run here.
    I am a self employed contractor working out of my house in Western Loudoun County. I no longer take work inside the Beltway because of the overwhelming traffic.
    But if you have a chance to live and work in Weatern Loudoun County (Leesburg and West) you would be foolish not to come check it out with a visit.
    Dave.......dude.....sterling or Chantilly over Purcellville?? You pal are baked.
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