Where to install transducer for XT Laptimer 97 GSXR 600

Discussion in 'Tech' started by gixserman, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. gixserman

    gixserman Well-Known Member

    I'm going to pick up one of these lap timers

    Where do you guys install the transducer for XT Laptimer
    97 GSXR 600 race bodywork
    also what about the display... do you bolt it to something or just velcro it to the tripletree? wireties ?

  2. HFD1Motorsports

    HFD1Motorsports BIKE TUNA

    The Receiver needs to be in a place where it has a clean sight of the transmitter/becon Use velcro to stick it where you can see the display. I would recomend to get the 6 foot cable and run the receiver on the tail best place for a clear sight path the cost is the same
  3. gixserman

    gixserman Well-Known Member

    I've seen a few people who have had theirs on top of their tail section on other bikes is this what you mean or under.....
    does it just have to be pointed at the transmistter but can be behind the bodywork or is it a line of site thing ???

    Just wondering as seems like if you had a get off the on top of the tail mounting location could get expensive.

    Thanks a lot
  4. HFD1Motorsports

    HFD1Motorsports BIKE TUNA

    We have ours on the tail and have crashed a few times:) and have not lost one yet. The main reason we use METAL boxes, if you break the cable we can fix it cheap. I use a little velcro and a zip tie to keep it on the tail. Yes the reciver needs a CLEAR line of sight to the transmitter to work. Anything that get in the way will block the signal(infared) so that means it can not be under or covered by anything:)
  5. gixserman

    gixserman Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the help,
    I tried to pick one up at Blackhawk this weekend but the vendor there didn't have any at the track.... Will pick one up at the next track day.


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