When should I change Carbonne Lorraine pads out?

Discussion in 'WERA Vintage' started by beechkingd, Aug 24, 2013.

  1. beechkingd

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    I have some Carbonne Lorraine pads on my F3 that I bought from Stickboy and I can't find any information about the minimum recommended thickness of the pad material.
  2. stickboy274

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    Race compound brakes are like race compound tires, they will heat cycle bout. When you start having to pull harder then its time.

    Also, change your fluid out. I pump 2-3 res. of fluid through each caliper after each weekend.
  3. rwood64083

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    I started running the Carbon Lorraine pads last year at NOLA. Absolutely loved the results. I run a minimum of three races each WERA weekend on the 600 (we'll exclude the 250 races) in multiple regions. Last Road Atlanta round I noticed I was having problems hitting my brake markers. I thought it was just me having a bad day (happens a lot). Took me two practice sessions to realize 'check the brake pads'. Sure enough I'd heat cycled the pads to the point they didn't want to grip like they should. Changed out the pads before the races that afternoon and voila, bike was back to trying to throw me over the handlebars (I'm kind of a late brake'r sometimes).

    The bike will still slow but... if the lever pull is still firm and the bike isn't slowing near what it was a few months back, take a look at your pads. If you're uncertain and are at a track where a distributor can look at them, take them over and ask questions. Stickboy's a wealth of prom date information and can also help you with your brake pad questions.
  4. stickboy274

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    I do have a lot of....prom date knowledge.

    not my prom dates. Dangit.

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