What's my RZ350 worth??

Discussion in '2-Stroke Machines' started by snowbizx, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. snowbizx

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    Hey guys! I'm considering the sale of my RZ350. This bike, along with many other projects, are distracting me from my ultimate goal - to get back on the race track with my R6. What do you think it's worth? Here are some details from the previous owner. Unfortunately, I didn't get to know this bike well enough to add a lot more details:

    - Clean title
    - Wicked Billet head
    - Wicked +4 mm stroker crank with all Japanese bearings
    - +4 degree Wicked stator plate
    - Wiseco 795mo6500 pistons
    - Boyelsen Reeds
    - Uni Pods
    - GPL Racing Stroker pipes with TZ Mike black carbon silencers
    - GPL Racing lowered port floors and ported inlet
    - New OEM clutch
    - New OEM clutch basket
    - New PV's, seals and coupler
    - New plug caps

    Everything above had less than 200 miles on it - I added another 50 [​IMG]
    Premix Only

    - R6 radiator fan
    - Fox Shock
    - Progressive fork springs
    - Margura Clip Ons
    - Trailtech Vapor Guage
    - Airtech Bodywork
    - Airtech fairing stay mounting bracket for lowers.
    - 1/4 turn throttle

  2. pscook

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    Honestly, given that it's still on an OEM frame and rolling gear, I would probably price it at a firm $3500, maybe $4500 to the right buyer. The engine and rolling gear aren't well matched, but it's a good stepping off point for a custom suspension upgrade or frame swap. If I were a buyer, I would probably give you $3000 and pull the engine for an Aprilia RS250 swap, and look for a stock motor for the frame (or part it out). There aren't enough stock/OEM parts (gauges, lights, etc) to make it attractive to a restorer or "relive my youth" buyer.

    General public/craigslist? $4500 asking, but settle for $4000 based on the fresh motor.
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  3. 50Joe

    50Joe Registered User

    Sadly, probably worth more parting it out since there are some nice bits there.
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  4. motoracer1100

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    I'd rattle can that expansion chamber so it doesn't look like it was sitting outside for two years . Other than that .. nice looking bike
  5. snowbizx

    snowbizx Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the feedback!

    And that's an old photo... I've already gone to town on the exhaust with scotchbrite pads and WD40. :)
  6. Gimmie Mo

    Gimmie Mo I screw things up daily..

    Where are you located?
  7. snowbizx

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