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  1. deepsxepa

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    been paying attention to what this guy has been doing since day 53. i posted a vid of his in the clinton thread a few days ago.

    he started out by just 'following the money' on the clinton foundation after becoming a targeted individual and that has lead him to some pretty serious investigation.

    his work is a real eye opener to say the least, so much so im starting to find it suspicious, if most of what he is exposing is correct, how is he still alive?

    if he is on target with these latest developments, (todays vid) we have bigger problems than just political zombie bot nets.

    anyone else here aware of anything like this stuff he mentions going on?
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  3. deepsxepa

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    ive known about them and the De part ment originating from the homeland since their formation but not the specific techniques, the way this guy lays it all out or the depth of the outright immorality involved.

    i remain suspicious about it but the more i follow him and the other independent researchers teaming up with him, it becomes even more verifiable, not all of it but more so than not and also with these two witnesses testimony:

    its become too hard to just ignore any longer. and the way it seems to be going, even the most clueless idiots (majority) wont be able to either in a short while.

    now with the new prime res ident almost immediately strengthening the asset forfeiture agenda among other things, we could be in for a perfect storm.

    what if that wall is not really to keep people out but instead, keep them in? (only half joking;-)
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    I'm paranoid about the government. I've viewed the first vid before. I always think there's some truth in some of these conspiracies. I shouldn't be reading the 'Going Home" series of books. It's not helping :D
  6. deepsxepa

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    My conspiracy theory of Trump is that they wrote the travel ban executive order so badly they knew it would caught up in the court system. Trump blames court system that any terror attack that happens now is the courts fault. Bannon sends people to commit terror act while travel ban is caught up in court system. Judiciary is taken apart as a result of the "terror attack" and Trump appoints his own people removing one of the checks and balances in our system.

    This is about as likely as Hillary running a child sex ring out of a pizzeria.

    Is Hillary trash? Absolutely. Is Trump Trash? Absolutely. No win situation for all of us.

    The last good President was Eisenhower... Everyone else since has been wrapped up in some type of corruption or scandal.
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  8. deepsxepa

    deepsxepa Well-Known Member

    yeah, 'same as it ever was.. same as it ever was'

    but the judiciary was infiltrated by foreign agents (the BAR Guild) long ago.

    funny you mention Eisenhower, i was just watching a podcast vid she did recently (Great grand daughter laura) and she is something else! another insider with mind blowing info that makes one wonder how they are still alive.. again, suspicious but she seems genuine.

    heres an article that might be worth consideration: http://www.newsbud.com/2017/02/10/the-fbi-the-silent-terror-of-the-fourth-reich/

    but dig deeper and you might find more ancient connections, modern day pharaohs, the grail. now ruling from switzerland's Banque of International Settlements.

    in fact, they still use hieroglyphics, except now its words that people think is english. search the Justinian deception for more info on that.
  9. Lawn Dart

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    That's funny. I was listening to Dan Carlin earlier, and it was a segment about Eisenhower and the nuclear program... Maybe we should go back to Lincoln. :D
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    Is that even far enough?

    All hail the Queen!
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    Been watching videos. Hes not an insider so i think he doesnt have anything to worry about. But some very disturbing points.

    Now i worry why trump was elected. He is the best distraction they could have hoped for. Also makes that other guy talking about the silent coup sound legit.

    If our government workers are truly in deep with something like this. I am sad to say we probably will never fix this country without a war its like beating cancer. Before you get rid of it you will destroy yourself to near death. And even if you come out of it you are changed for knocking on deaths door.
  12. deepsxepa

    deepsxepa Well-Known Member

    it seems obvious that DJT is not of the same faction/order as the previous admins but whether or not he is truly in it for the common people is a tough call at this point.

    I have noticed that his most recent executive orders are not yet posted on the federal registry online, which could be just a delay in updating but im also aware of recent, ongoing activity by true statesmen in that regard so we shall see.
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  13. deepsxepa

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  14. SnacktimeKC

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    After listening to that (Dan Carlin on the Cuban Missle Crisis) I thought about how safe the world is today verses then. They were pretty damn close to wiping humanity off the face of the earth.
  15. fastfreddie

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    I have no illusions about not getting sucked into conspiracy theories. It happens. How can it not? Do we, as regular Joes, really know what the hell is going on at those untouchable levels?

    Men in power have been in power for a long, long time. They set the agenda and I'm sure they have a master plan. Is America their nemesis, or is it their hammer? You know, that part that's in the heart of every red-blooded, freedom lovin', gun totin', I'll kick your ass if you fuck with me individual? Yeah, "they" got a problem with that mentality. It doesn't fit the plan, and they have to work diligently to subvert it. And just because technology seems to imbue some advance in human nature, it's not so. We've been smart from the git-go. "Those guys", with their smarts, got together a long time ago and they've been planning ever since to lead the less than smart to a better world existence. It doesn't matter that they likely won't see the end in their lifetime, it's the end result they're striving for. But they have to keep us confused in the mean time lest we rise up against 'em and foil a millennia of work.

    When shit hits the fan and civilization crumbles, it starts all over. Who were the last two groups to come to power? The Church and Empires. They're still in power, but they've fractured. Which group not mentioned is taking the reins of confusion and using it to their advantage? It ain't the Church and it ain't the governments. The question is, will it be our ideals or their's that win, or will we just fuck it all up again?

    At some point, they have to come clean and spill the beans...all of 'em. It won't be easy to swallow cuz, yeah, some people are gonna die, a lot of 'em. But if the plan keeps us from fuckin' up this rock we live on and keeps us from fuckin' up each other, I'm all for it, even if that means I got to go...but not before I see evidence of their plan having a chance of surviving successfully.
    Catch 22. :beer:
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  16. deepsxepa

    deepsxepa Well-Known Member

    sucked into conspiracy theories? ive always been one to dive in head first and find it odd the way a mere word/label can stop others from further investigation. it seems to me those who do that are kinda not so bright either.

    maybe its a trust your gut kinda thing? i think so, and usually that leads to real truth. most of these so called theories are fairly easy to confirm now with the internet but sometimes it takes more serious approach and educating yourself on some complicated subjects.

    i enjoy digging into the most far out ones too sometimes but have to prioritize because with most of those there really is no way to come up with any concrete proof. ancient origins is definitely one of those. the ones from relatively recent times are almost easy to verify or not in this information age.

    we also have so many now with absolute proof beyond the shadow of any doubt that still get zero legacy media air time and even have "fake news" working in earnest to cover up and take psy-ops to a whole new level that it make you wonder if mankind as a whole even has any chance of escaping the strong delusions at all.

    i agree we have been intelligent from the get go (smart aint really the correct word for it) but the dumbing down has been going on for as long as there has been a public school system and it has taken its toll. that is obvious to me. i evolution is a lie but devolution is certainly real.

    the "i'll kick yer ass" types, most have been either politically corrected to the point of uselessness or chemically castrated.
    i dont see rising up happening anytime soon either. their divide and conquer strategy has also taken its toll.

    "The Church"? obviously you mean Roman Catholicism (which includes Islam) that is the great whore,and she is much older than Rome and i dont see any fractures at all.

    our ideals or theirs? that is what ive been contemplating alot, specifically mankind vs corporations (this is what it all boils down to) and the more i study, the more i see it is all by design to separate the wheat from the chaff. not on a broad level like us vs them but at each individual level.

    everything, including this, is a distraction. the ancients had it right all along. "know thyself"
  17. fastfreddie

    fastfreddie Well-Known Member

    I like the "other" ancient credo, "Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted." :D
  18. deepsxepa

    deepsxepa Well-Known Member

    not familiar with that but permitted and licensed for sure.

    for anything to be true, one must have or take a truing stand.

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