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What are Nelson Ledges' facilities like?

Discussion in 'WERA National Endurance Series' started by BretSV, May 17, 2021.

  1. BretSV

    BretSV Well-Known Member

    This will be {B}Fast Racing's first time at Nelson. Their website has no info. Wondering what to expect as far as:

    Can we get into the track 24/7?
    Can we camp on site?
    Are there showers?
    Is food available at the track?
    Is there power for warmers?

    Looking forward to it, thanks!
  2. TommyD

    TommyD Well-Known Member

    I love the place but this is gonna be some funny shit
  3. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Yes 24/7
    Yes camping
    Not sure on showers
    Yes some food but it's minimal
    No power.
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  4. StaccatoFan

    StaccatoFan Alex's R3 Crew Chief

    Mongo got most of it.

    Based on my visits to Nelson Ledges last year.

    There are showers in the bathroom shack. Think an old run down Summer Camp style facility.

    There's a small grill in the mornings and lunch time that serves simple breakfasts like breakfast sandwiches and coffee.
    It's not an IHOP, but they do well with what is available to them.

    The staff there is VERY nice, and VERY friendly.

    I'm pretty sure we cannot make the June round, but I'm hoping the stars align and we are able to maybe make the Pitt and Nelson rounds later in the season.

    FUCK Covid is all I gotta say.
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  5. rymerc

    rymerc Well-Known Member

    hey, at least they got a repave a few years ago, and they have curbing now!

    I haven't been there this year, but one of the 2 ways into the infield (the overpass) had this like 8" drop off that can mess up some vehicles. Did they get that fixed yet?
  6. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    No clue, I never go over the bridge :crackup:
  7. StaccatoFan

    StaccatoFan Alex's R3 Crew Chief

    yeah...I meant to mention that the track's in VERY good condition, which I will take ANY day of the week over luxury facilities.

    We had a fantastic time every time we went to Nelson last year. And, as soon as I can I'll be back there with WERA.
  8. BretSV

    BretSV Well-Known Member

    Thanks all. I'm looking forward to it. I don't mind minimal facilities (Summit Point is my favorite track). Just want to know what to plan for.
  9. Pneumatico Delle Vittorie

    Pneumatico Delle Vittorie Retired "Tire" Guy

    Here's a image of the front gate, you do have to walk in but it's like...
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  10. Jim

    Jim Know your grids...

    Think primitive camping and hope for better and you will be fine. Bring your generator.
  11. jksoft

    jksoft Well-Known Member

    No big drop-off that I noticed when I drove in and my car as very low clearance. When I take the RV I don't go over the overpass. There doesn't seem to be a specific weight limit, but the track does ask that you not use it if you have a "heavy" rig. At least that is what I was told when I was trying to exit the track with my Outlaw.
  12. LrS

    LrS brain dead

    My rig is 10k, not including the truck and it's contents. We made it over with out any excitement.
  13. BretSV

    BretSV Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the input. I found the paddock really charming. It was cool compared to some of the newer golf resort like facilities, felt like a real tough old school racer. And some really good food is only 15 minutes away in the town.
  14. jksoft

    jksoft Well-Known Member

    Where did you get food? I've never eaten around there other than the gas station off the turnpike.
  15. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Garrettsville seems to have some nice hipsterish places but haven't been to any yet, heard some good stuff tho. There's a great pizza joint in downtown Warren, they have a place out in Howland too depending on where you grab a hotel room.
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  16. BretSV

    BretSV Well-Known Member

    We went to Two Traveler's Inn, it was good food and drinks, impressive whiskey menu according to my teammate. But there are a couple other very good looking restaurants all on the main street in Garrettsville, Sean's Pub, Slim & Jumbo's, and a brewery or two. Also Corner Ice Cream Shop about 10 minutes in the opposite direction has some awesome soft serve.
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  17. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    WTF? When did I open a pub?

    I need to go there if we ever stay at the track and see if having the proper spelling can get me a free beer :D
  18. rd49

    rd49 Well-Known Member

    Sean or Jumbo? :D
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  19. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    It would be either Sean or Mongo and I'd go with Sean since I have an ID with that on it. Some day I also want to hit Sean Patricks in Vegas since that's the first and middle names :D
  20. Dave K

    Dave K DaveK ├╝ber alles!

    I heard they removed all the tires but the mosquitos moved them back in. :D

    Gawd, I used to love that shithole. :up:
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2021
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