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Discussion in 'General' started by Mongo, Aug 2, 2022.

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    Ya, the front loaders kinda suck. Next one will be top load. I bought all new Samsung appliances 10 months ago. The $800 Samsung microwave that you can talk to has already stopped heating. Won't buy Samsung again.
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    Yep, Samsung is not a good choice. I got a top loader and the dryer to match. 1 year later the washer was recalled for exploding. I was like?!?! Oh yea, people put a blanket in the thing on high spin and the thing goes kaboom. Then the dryer started wobbling because the idler was made in (insert 3rd world country here) by kids who care :rolleyes: what a joke! I will spend extra $ on something OTHER than that brand.
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    We loaded out our new-construction house with Samsung stuff about 4 years ago now, huge mistake. Their shit was cool 10-15 years, but something about their QC or engineering has taken a dump in the past few years it appears. Top load Samsung washer is middle of the road (you have to get some gizmos to get decent capacity) and is super sensitive to being a hair off balance. Turns a 30 minute wash into twice as long since you have to keep "re-balancing" the load.

    Dryer is middle of the road price-wise too, only one problem, it doesn't fully dry! You can throw stuff back in and do manual timed dry, but it always uses its overly sensitive sensors to shorten drying time. I'm sure it's there to alter it's efficiency rating or some other nonsense, but end of the day it just won't dry your laundry fully.

    Expensive top of the line french-door Samsung fridge. Stainless steel, looks great, great capacity, but easily the biggest waste of money in my house. The reason? The damn ice maker. If you let it make ice too long it freezes up operation, leaving you with no ice. Sounds trivial at first, but when you consider how much it cost and the fact it's an engineering flaw, well that just hits different.

    There, ah, I feel better, needed to vent some Samsung haterade. Wife and I originally considered Speed Queen based on reliability and effectiveness. We went w/ Samsung based on previous experiences, but I think we might be replacing appliances throughout sooner than I want.
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    My Samsung front load washer is like 7 years old and works flawlessly. The matching dryer sucks balls though and I've had to fix the same issue 3 times. Thinking of dumping it to get one that actually works more than a year without dying.
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    Samsung haterade :crackup:

    We went with a GE/Bosch suite in the kitchen and haven't had a lick of problems in 4+ years
  6. Just seeing this. Let me check our employee company store and I’ll check Monday but I think we had 7-10 units come over to our facility for energy testing as laundry care was stacked up too much all at once. Those are the best “used” ones we sell just to employees in our RD center. They’ve basically been checked and validated to be working as they should be and I’m guessing $200 or so. Im actually ,y heading out your way Tuesday or Wed. I’ll check Monday am on test ones and look at our family store later. Need to switch my iPad over to watch my night vision. Got a nice yote about an hour ago, maybe I’ll make ya a hat too :)
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    Got a relatively cheap LG from Lowes. If it lasts 10-15 years I'll be ecstatic.
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    Did you share your extensive research conducted here with them? :D
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    With who? LG? No.

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