VMD aftermath, MidOhio, race 11

Discussion in 'Race Reports' started by i-Zapp, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. i-Zapp

    i-Zapp Member

    I was one of the lucky ones, not so true for at least a half dozen others that were taken out by a thick-headed rider who blew his motor on the back straight, and then thought he'd limp it back to the pits ON THE RACING LINE.

    it was my second race ever (prov novice) and even i know that's a no no. I made it through for no other reason than i was lucky. I believe the poor guy laying in the track needed serious attention (life flight wasn't available so needed ambulance). I hope he's ok.

    Took almost two hours to clean the track. my 2 lap race was called done. lots of guys decided not to run after testing the track. i hope we'll all be back.

    (my tach and speedo are dead)

  2. JJJerry

    JJJerry Well-Known Member

    The rider that was in the track is relatively ok. Pretty bad broken femur, but ok other than that. He's a tough cat.

    My bike landed on top of another bike and cracked the engine case, pretty excited about that - but fortunate to be healthy.

    Glad you made it through there!
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  3. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Good gear rocks is all I can think after all that.

    Overall it was a really good safe weekend - even factoring in the broken leg. Amazing and proof you guys can ride when there isn't oil in a corner :D
  4. Robbirob76

    Robbirob76 Active Member

    I was behind you... (Orange Bike #76) when the engine blew on his bike, my face shield, and front of bike was covered in oil. He had slowed enough and pulled over to the left, he could have easily parked it before the left hander, and stopped there.
    I lined up at back of grid, because this was my first WERA race since 2012. I had been living in So Cal and raced some Supermoto before moving back.
    No excuse, for what that dude did!
  5. Robbirob76

    Robbirob76 Active Member

    Sorry pulled over to the right. He moves right to get out of the racing line. He should have parked then and there...
  6. DesmoAndrew

    DesmoAndrew Member

    I was pitted next to the fellow who had his femur broken. He had help at the track and according to him he was doing OK, all things considered. These are both good solid guys and I hope to see them both again next year.

    I ran in race 14 and back straight wasnt bad, but turn 9 was pretty sketchy ... I just tip toed through it ... others seemed to be able blast through a bit better.

    Good reminder to us all to get the fluid belching bike off the line and the track as quickly as possible.

    EDIT: holy shit, just watched the vid, did not realize how early on the straight the engine grenaded - you guys are right, no excuse for keeping the bike on the line .. JHC
  7. JJJerry

    JJJerry Well-Known Member

    Here's another video with a bit better framing. Similar track position.

  8. SuddenBraking

    SuddenBraking Well-Known Member

    That scene at the end of the video looked like a fucking war zone.

    Broke my femur last year - if not for the accompanying broken foot (among other ailments), they actually want you to start walking on it the day after surgery (in my case, anyways).

    Good luck to that guy..........and tell him the taking a dump gets easier each day (my thigh was so swollen it was hard to sit down on a toilet seat for a while).
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  9. JBarx

    JBarx Status: None.

    It was YOU! Hot damn you were my NEMESIS all weekend, LOL! I was the flat gray yellow plate 137 trying to find ways around you, and I was too chickenshit to take a gamble. I didn't want to risk putting us both down. You and the yellow plate 23 white Honda F2 gave me fits. Lots of dicing it up out there!

    Yeah that's my video there.

    I was super lucky. Twice. It's a fact not lost on me.

    I know the 59 (he's from the same area as I am) and so I'm not going to beat him up, but that was NOT ok. I haven't spoken to him since this happened and I don't know him real well, but I know he's done this enough to know better and I'm not real pleased with how he handled himself. I'm sure he feels bad, but that doesn't help someone who's getting pins in their leg pay their medical bills.
  10. i-Zapp

    i-Zapp Member

    that's me. i gridded at the back because i was expecting to be slow as shit, and figured if i'd have any fun at all it would be trying to fight from being last!
    the bike was a borrowed bike, but if i continue with vintage i may consider that twins class - nice size group and good speed too!
  11. Jeff Payton #82

    Jeff Payton #82 ‘The dinosaurs also thought they had more time’

    well as a rider with sub 120mi on a little GP bike i can say that was something i'll never forget
    was gridded in the carousel bleachers (for good reason, blew up my motor day before in F3)
    tried to tip toe through but it got me too (~9min)
    hope everyone is OK
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  12. Robbirob76

    Robbirob76 Active Member

    LOL... Nice to meet you. I am just working on getting back up to speed. Hopefully hang out in person soon!
  13. 5axis

    5axis Well-Known Member

    Checking in... As of earlier today 7/11. Mike might have another night at the hospital. I sent him the link to this thread, but don't know if he has check it or not. Our Mom stepped up big time and went to Mansfield to wait on Mike and I got our stuff home.

    In a stroke of dumb luck, I sat out race 11 to focus on HWT sb. I had a blast on my Aprilia cup bike Saturday, but holy cow did it take a lot out of me physically. It has been a while since I rode that err.... compactly and I was a bit more compact when I was good at it. :)

    My plan was to make Andrew work to get by me and maybe catch a tow from John Trautman as I expected he would come past at some point.
    Plans change.

    Mark Merical did what he does and made the situation a lot easier for us (again).

    Ps. TIP have your wallet and phone together and available to someone in the pit. Get them in the ambulance with the rider and you have a head start on managing the crisis.

    With the fences at mid O between the paddock and the medical building, I just pitched mikes phone and wallet over the fence to Mark and things went from there.

    And that's all for now. I or hopefully mike can chime in with a further update.
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  14. Robbirob76

    Robbirob76 Active Member

    This was a reply to JBarx
  15. i-Zapp

    i-Zapp Member

    fine, i didn't want to hang out with you anyways! o_O:Poke:
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  16. JJJerry

    JJJerry Well-Known Member

    That was the slowest crash I've ever seen. You did a good "nothing to see here" move, and picked it up and kept going, haha.

    Glad you were ok.
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  17. Robbirob76

    Robbirob76 Active Member

    No! We're good. Didn't want the dude who posted the video think I was laughing at his low speed, low side!
  18. Jeff Payton #82

    Jeff Payton #82 ‘The dinosaurs also thought they had more time’

    I'm good and the bike hardly had any rash, the other guys deserve more sympathy for sure, wish it all could have been avoided
  19. Robbirob76

    Robbirob76 Active Member

    That's the problem... It all could have been avoided!
  20. JBarx

    JBarx Status: None.

    I'm always working on getting up to speed, LOL. Going to PITT?

    I saw that one coming!

    That was pretty awesome. He was like "whatever, bitches... I got this" and just rolled on.

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