Used Gear - RS Taichi suit, TCX boots, Held gloves, Fox Motocross

Discussion in 'Race Gear and Accessories For Sale' started by cfarrell, May 5, 2019.

  1. cfarrell

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    Time to clean out the closet! All the gear listed below (with the exception of the motocross gear) was used during my short stint racing with WERA (2 seasons). Everything has some wear and tear to one degree or another and there's even a lil bit of good ole Georgia Clay from Road Atlanta thrown in for good measure!

    Here's the link to all photos:

    Everything is still 100% functional and certainly safe to use for track days and racing. The scuffs you see on the leathers are from low side crashes and are just aesthetic - all stitching and seams are 100%. Here's what I'm offering...

    RS Taichi GP-WRX 303 suit (50 Euro) - $400

    TCX Competizione RS Racing boots (42) -$100
    TCX boots (42) - $50
    Oxstar boots (42) -$50

    RS Taichi GP EVO gloves -$50
    Held GP One Gloves -$50
    Held Gloves -$50

    Fox 180 Jersey -$20
    Fox 180 Pants -$50
    Fly Chest Protector -$25
    Fox Knee guards -$25
    Fox Elbow guards -$25
    Fox gloves -$10

    Trackside Gear bag -$30

    I am not interested in sending out lower priced items onsies and twosies and prefer to sell things in bulk. Shipping can be worked out separately and everything is located in Washington, DC. Thanks for your interest!
  2. Subaruzi

    Subaruzi Total hack

    What size is the Fox gear?

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  3. cfarrell

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    Believe it's all medium. I'm 5'9" ~170lbs with a 39" chest and ~34" waist. For comparison, I typically wear men's 32" or 33" pants and medium or large tee shirts depending on brand. I'll check the actual sizes when I get home.
  4. cfarrell

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    Forgot to include glove sizes:

    RS Taichi - L
    Held GP One - 8.5 M+
    Held - 8M
  5. Kevin P

    Kevin P Member

    I’ll take the RS Taichi Evo gloves and the fox gear. PM me your PayPal and let me know how much for shipping

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  6. cfarrell

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    Hey Kevin. Got an error when trying to send you a PM so just replying to the thread. If you want the Fly Chest protector in addition to all the Fox Gear it comes out to $175 shipped. My PayPal is Thanks!
  7. cfarrell

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    Kevin, sorry I forgot to add the gloves to the total. $225 for all the Fox Gear (including chest protector) and RS Taichi gloves.
  8. erick1670

    erick1670 Chapin

    Can’t view the RS Taichi suit :(
  9. cfarrell

    cfarrell #33

    Thanks for the heads up. Is the iCloud link not working? I can try sharing the files in a different way if so...
  10. emw

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    What size shoe do you wear?
  11. cfarrell

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    I wear a US 9.5 in most shoes.

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