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Discussion in 'General' started by pickled egg, Dec 4, 2021.

  1. kenessex

    kenessex unregistered user

    I can't be bothered to read, much less respond to your rant; however, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS "THE OVER CONSUMPTION OF CHEESE CURDS AND BRATS" !!!!
    Thank goodness it is the holiday season and it is time for an eggnog with brandy.
  2. motoracer1100

    motoracer1100 Well-Known Member

    Lol.. can’t be bothered to read but you are able to Quote... Nice .. speaking the truth is hardly a Rant ... and try Evan Williams Egg Nog .. it’s the perfect drink for maintaining your Wisconsin drunken State :D
  3. kenessex

    kenessex unregistered user

    I like evan williams in my old fashions, but have not tried it in eggnog. Fortunately I have some, so I'll get back to you.
  4. pickled egg

    pickled egg Works with puppies, too

  5. tony 340

    tony 340 Well-Known Member

    I heard minors in Wisconsin can drink at restaurants with their parents at age 16 I think I heard....not sure if that's true but I've never heard any other states like that. That's similar to Germany.

    Also, never drink vodka with actual'll die trying to keep up. I think they have 2 livers or something....maybe 3. Blame it on Chernobyl. And their wimmens are super hot....but will key your new truck if you piss them off.
  6. motoracer1100

    motoracer1100 Well-Known Member

    No .. they make there own egg nog , with bourbon and brandy in it .., it’s incredible and seasonal and sells out fast .
    Edit: it’s good poured over ice cream for after dinner
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  7. Sprinky

    Sprinky Well-Known Member

    Almost, as far as I know there is no minimum age to drink with your parents, and it’s also not limited to just restaurants they can drink in bars too. FWIW, Milwaukee was basically Germany lite back in the day, a lot of the German culture still permeates through current times.
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  8. Spitz

    Spitz Well-Known Member

    I concur, we drank with our parents often. Then they made us drive because they got shit faced. Ahh, the good old days.
  9. Resident Plarp

    Resident Plarp

    No, no - I meant the University of Wisconsin part.

    :D :D :D
  10. ahrma_581

    ahrma_581 Well-Known Member

    Vaguely recall reading that in Russia, beer is regarded (and marketed) as a beverage for children.
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  11. jrsamples

    jrsamples Banned

    The last time I was in Wiss Can Sun, I was on a bear hunt with my dad and his buddies. Probably about 10 guys all together. I wasn't but 13, but it sure seemed odd that there were bars on every dirt road.

    We stopped into this one bar. There was a woman who came walking out of the back room in a t-shirt and panties, messed up hair. You could tell that she'd been drunk and just woke up. Apparently, she lived there. So she walks up to the bar, where we were, and appears to be reaching for another shot. Then she farts really loud and fills those bloomers with some very stinky, brown refuse.

    The bar empties in about 5 seconds. My dad, with the weak stomach, was doing the involuntary mini hurl thing. Fun day.
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  12. Sabre699

    Sabre699 Wait...hold my beer.

    Yeah...with 2 cars outside and 30 drunks inside. :D
  13. Dave K

    Dave K DaveK über alles!

    I’d go with the Finnish, they don’t show it like Russians so you’d never know they were shitted.
  14. mattys281-2

    mattys281-2 Active Member

    my wife is from Ukraine. She says they have a law that the men must be drunk when getting their passport photo, so that it will more accurately resemble them in real life.

    they do have some good beer over there, but certainly vodka is their flagship. It goes down smooth too, you’ll definitely have a good night sleep after a few shots. Or was it the roofie that got me….
  15. Resident Plarp

    Resident Plarp

    Scandinavia as a whole (except Sweden, because they're a buncha' forpulte hestkuken) - I've never heard anyone be told they've had too much, nor has anyone not been admitted to a bar because they were too drunk. It's imperative that you drink because everything's so damned expensive. And yes, the Finns show it, usually, by not going on a stabbing spree ...
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  16. BigBird

    BigBird blah

    Something like anything with under 10% of alcohol is called a soft-drink
  17. D-Zum

    D-Zum Alex’s Ohvale Maintenance & Transport Service

    Back in the bad old NESBA days there was a guy from WisCheezLand...first name of Ed...he was "DirtNap" on the NESBA Beeb....he wanted a case of Yuengling to the end of season weekend at Barber. A case of his local beers for a case of Yuengling. I took him up on it, we made the trade for a couple years down there, and it was some brew we don't have out here.
    So, I gave it all to my friends that drink beer when I got back. I tried one or two, they weren't bad...I think one was "Flying Squirrel" or something like that. It was just a fun thing to do.
  18. Funkm05

    Funkm05 Dork

    Fortunately, home was never too far from the old Elk’s Lodge. :beer:
  19. Phl218

    Phl218 Lemme ask my wife

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