United 6x12 trailer

Discussion in 'Other' started by karts1000, Dec 9, 2017.

  1. karts1000

    karts1000 Active Member

    2003 united tariler, 6x12, single axle (tires excellent), spare tire mounted to tongue, ramp door and side door, interior lights, electric brakes.
    Located in Anderson, IN
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  2. RRP

    RRP Kinda Superbikey


    Please get back to me ASAP.

  3. Kurt_Orban

    Kurt_Orban Active Member

    Is the trailer still for sale?

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  4. karts1000

    karts1000 Active Member

    Yes trailer is still for sale
  5. Tas

    Tas Well-Known Member

    Man I really wished this was in New Hampshire. GLWS.
  6. Kurt_Orban

    Kurt_Orban Active Member

    Cam you put a bunch of pics up?

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  7. karts1000

    karts1000 Active Member

    IMG_4401.jpg IMG_4405.jpg IMG_4407.jpg

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  8. cBJr

    cBJr Well-Known Member

    pm sent
  9. Gmay99

    Gmay99 Well-Known Member

    Still have it?
  10. karts1000

    karts1000 Active Member


    Yes i still have it.
  11. Tonyp425

    Tonyp425 Well-Known Member

    What is the axle rated at
  12. K51000

    K51000 Banned

    Nice trailer, nice price.
  13. K51000

    K51000 Banned

    Will you trade a nice pop up camper 1:1 for it? sleeps up to 7, had king one end, queen on the other, other beds if needed, great shape, etc. It's worth at least 2K for it.
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  14. karts1000

    karts1000 Active Member


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