Turning street motorcycle w/ title into track only questions

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    Hi, hoping someone has prior experience doing this. I am purchasing a normal motorcycle with a title and registered for street and want to turn it into a track only bike. I never plan on riding on the street and would rather not pay property tax on this thing for the life of it. Is there a process where you can turn the title in, unregister, scrap the bike out or something??
  2. Insomniac

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    It's not that complex. Just don't register it and you only pay the sales tax for purchasing it when you transfer the title. If you don't want to pay the sales tax for buying it you can hold the old title and never transfer to your name. As long as you only ever intend to use it as a track bike it doesn't matter.

    BUT to then sell the bike on with the previous owner's title is called floating the title and is likely illegal in your state, so just be aware, but you can sell it as track only and without title.
  3. TurboBlew

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    you can leave the title "open" with the sellers signature on it... just keep it in a safe place and dont let them put a date on the actual title.
    a notarized bill of sale wouldnt be a bad idea either.
  4. RossK6

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    This might vary from state to state. A few years back I bought my current race bike, transferred the title, but didn't register it, so no personal property tax. I live in NC. It worked the same way when I lived in VA. I let the registration lapse on my street bike turned racer, notified the taxing authorities that the bike was no longer a registered, road worthy vehicle, and no tax bill. YMMV
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    Even without a registration off road bikes may have to pay personal property tax in Virginia. It varies county by county. Loudon county does not tax them, but Alexandria City does for example. That includes any motor vehicle including quads, side by sides, and dirt bikes that you title. Do a lot of people not title them and avoid paying the personal property tax? Sure. Do some people just leave their off road vehicle titled in their previous state of residence? I may have heard of that happening. :D

    You do avoid paying the registration every year either way.

    R1MATTRR Member

    If I never title or register it wouldn't the previous owner keep getting a tax bill or registration bill from their state? I'm fine with having a no title bike and taking the loss of value when I sell it.
  7. TurboBlew

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    the prev owner can file a notice with their State the vehicle was sold on whatever date. I wouldnt think any States would bill taxes off titles versus registration.
  8. Str8-Lurkin

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    In the states I've lived in the tax was based on plates vehicles according the DMV records. I always put the tile in my name however, I dont plate the vehicle. I'm cool with paying Sales tax to have vehicles properly linked to me. Helps on the event of a sale or if I ever have to prove ownership during a traffic stop. Yes, even though the bike is tailored proof of ownership could be requested.
  9. rob linders

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    I’ve never registered all the race bikes I’ve owned and not had a problem. Probably 20-30 bikes over the years.

    On another note, unless you don’t mind burning money, consider buying a well setup used race bike. IMO it is always less expensive, even if you have to make some changes to suit your desires.

    I would say even if the race motor blew up, you would have less in a used race bike. This is assuming you want a race bike setup with good aftermarket suspension, clips one, rear sets, titanium pipe, and the many other goodies the teams know how to put on a bike......and setup notes.

    Just as an example our R6 had modifications that allowed me to easily pull the shock for spring replacements, without totally removing the rear seat, tank, etc. Plus things like properly flashed ECUs, captive spacers for tire swaps, fitted bodywork, etc are very nice.

    Good luck in whatever you do, and have fun.
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  10. R1MATTRR

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    Definitely been looking for a used R6 track setup! I have the cash in hand if you know someone, preferably within 10 - 12 hours of western KY. About to bite the bullet and just get a new gen R6 and hope I don't have to tinker with it much to make it suit me.
  11. rob linders

    rob linders Well-Known Member

    The 8-16 are pretty reasonable, don't see too many of the newer ones? What's your budget? I remember seeing Bryce Prince selling some, don't recall the price, but I'm guessing in the 12-15K range for a newer bike that is setup properly. Way back in 2013 I bought a 2009 or 10 Graves R6 and I paid $12-14k. The non Graves R6's I bought were significantly less $ and not really much different, but my son did like the Graves bike the best, primarily because of the way the throttle rolled on, which I think was just the different Graves throttle tube.

    I liked small things done on the Graves bike which eased wheel changes and shock changes.

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