TTR125 Catch Can Setup

Discussion in 'Mini Racing' started by Tom7, Feb 4, 2020.

  1. thalex

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    Replace the seals, leave everything stock including oil weight and ride! It is not worth the money. The same reason I went with the BT45s and didn't get 12s. The point of this bike, in my mind, is for cheap seat time.
  2. D-Zum

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    As promised. Here’s my setup on my sons CRF110.
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  3. tawzx12r

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    Cut 3 3/4” inches off the stock springs and add a PVC spacer 1” diameter approx 4 1/2” long.
    This will be equivalent to the BBR spring rate.
    Then replace the oil with 50w at the same amount or slightly more.
    Your worst enemy is going to be fork flex and the front wheel chatter as it skips across the blacktop.
    I’ve played with this setup at Sandyhook... it works.
  4. Tom7

    Tom7 Well-Known Member

    Like it thanks!

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  5. Tom7

    Tom7 Well-Known Member

    Yes I realize this is a low budget production and don't expect much from the suspension. However my 210 lbs bottoms the springs completely with any load

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  6. Tom7

    Tom7 Well-Known Member

    Good to know. The BBRs are .40 Racetech carries a .46 set. Their rate calculator was not super helpful for minigp setup. I think I will get a used set of springs to cut and give it a try. I may be crazy but I am looking forward to some front chatter. It should be more fun at 45mph with less pucker factor than a big bike at 145.

    I went with BT45s as they look to be go- to tires for the TTR.

    Should I drop a few teeth on the rear or go up one in the front? I expect these run out of gearing.

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  7. tawzx12r

    tawzx12r Well-Known Member

    So I used a weight scale to calculate spring tension and determine where to cut. Just heat the spring where you cut and then flatten it out with pliers just like the stock one so the PVC spacer sits correct. Even add a flat washer between the PVC and spring.

    As for gearing... Start one tooth up in the front....then add more to the rear as you develop your speed and skills.

    The bike is fun.. but remember when you crash a big bike at speed you normally slide a bit and scrub off speed, but on these little bikes... it's just a solid hard thump and a solid hard stop...
  8. Tom7

    Tom7 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the tips!

    Just hope I don't become a berm too many many times ;-) Good point about the big bikes. If you stay on the race line and take a spill, usually run off enough to be out of the way.

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