Travis Pastrana and Miss Geico!

Discussion in 'General' started by scottn, Feb 13, 2020.

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    Do they understand that he is going to try to backflip it?
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    He raced a Fountain last year....guys on the offshoreonly forum sound just like some on hear with the 'racing is dead'
  5. Rich mans playground, worse than any sport I’ve seen actually. A lot of rich / wealthy drivers and they hire a hot shot throttle man. Grids are horrible but they’ve made some decent steps to reduce a fair amount of cost. Most sponsored boats are either a company the driver owns or someone closely associated with them. What’s interesting though is it seems they get a decent amount of exposure for sponsors but there aren’t a whole lot in the series. A lot of racers turned to the track days of the water, poker runs. They make track days look like racing. Bunch of (not all but I’d wager over 50%) drinking (meaning would blow over the limit) zig zagging and not experienced enough to be in the boat they are piloting. Others are like racers at a track day and you can usually tell as you will see specific little groups break out.
  6. On the Pastrana note, goes without saying it will bring in a new demographic and hopefully the shot in the arm the sport needs. Now someone get him on a roadrace bike.
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    Oohhhhhh......whew, I thought Travis was having an affair behind his wife's back or something. In all honesty my 1st though is Travis is way too clean cut and well mannered to ever do something like that.

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    shoot they had a bunch of folks on the beach when the series staged an event in North FL. You didnt know what was going on and they were going so fast it required a spotter in a helicopter above... for each boat!! About a year later I got a ride on one of those poker run hotrods... twin blown 500 cube monsters that glued you to the bolsters when full song and you had to wear neck protection. The owner wasnt shy about showing off the power and the roost was hilarious. Then about 15 mins in one of the blower belts snapped... then soon after the 2nd We got towed to a boat ramp close by... and I asked a buddy to pick me up.
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    I thought the only thing TP knew about salt water was ghosting his Suzuki off San Francisco’s Fisherman’s wharf at the X Games 20 years ago! Travis, plus expensive and powerful toy, what could go wrong?
  11. The newer merc 1350/1550’s twin turbo’s are pretty spectacular. And expensive.
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    GEICO got that sponsorship for the cost of painting the boat, owner got no doe in that deal
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    My buddy worked on the offshore stuff for a bit. The owners would baby them all summer, then blow them up on a poker run in September, with the justification “they can just rebuild it in the off season”.

    They’re typically burning through 110 octane Sunoco at a rate of 1 gallon / mile / engine. Yikes!

    YouTube is full of funny videos of offshore boat owners though (jumping them and ruining the boat, being out of control, etc).

    They do sound awesome though out in the distance.
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    Search YouTube for boat crash with 7 people.

    And all the remix variants
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    Nothing worse for mechanical expenses than a go fast boat. Did a freelance charter years back, the owner of the yacht had 2 cigarette boats, he had 2 because at least one had issues on every trip so use the other one when one broke. He was a movie producer still stuck in the Miami vice days. They had to hire a full time captain/ mechanic just to keep them running. A go fast boat is nothing more than an over sized jet ski, fun for 10 minutes, then useless. He took me out for a ride, after 2 minutes, ok, lets bounce around at 80 mph, woo hoo. Can you fish off it, no, can you dive off of it no, are there places to relax on it no, does it have electronics that are useful on it no, is it reliable, no, is, there a place to get out of the sun, no sounds like a great boat

    Not talking about power boat racing like miss geico or any other boats that race on a professional level with new technology. Talking about the normal guido that has some money, has there music blasting coming into every dock and always has a girl or 2 on the front laying out that he probably paid for or meet at the strip club the night before.
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    It gets expensive quickly! There’s an in cockpit video in the YouTube thread. It was so violent it ripped the seats right off their mounts!

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    He’ll be fine. The throttle man Scottie is good peeps. That boat sunk off our coast a few years back. 49.5’ mystic with twin turbines. Great boats but that thing definitely burnt up. My dads and I have ridden in Aquamania which is the same boat based out of Alexandria Bay NY. What’s funny is the owner of Aquamania is friends with a Canadian millionaire right across the Saint Lawrence river who owns the same boat called MyWay3. We watch them buzz each others homes on the river at like 150 mph lol and those engines are barely idling at that speed.
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    TP is wildly overqualified. Driving them requires very little ability, all the talent is on the throttles.

    I worked at a Formula/Baja/Fountain/Outerlimits dealership every summer from age 13-18. Boss was super generous to people who worked hard for him and figured out early on that I could drive stuff. During open houses he'd put me at the controls of the fastest thing we had in stock and I'd give people joy rides all day. I think he liked the novelty of me being barely old enough to drive but able to run a 37' 90 MPH boat pretty well. Plus I was terrified to wreck shit or kill anyone.

    One summer Mike Fiore, owner of Outerlimits (RIP) showed up to deliver a 37 Stilleto with a pair of Merc 900 SC's that ran about 120. I got to spend the day with him getting the boat dialed in. We spent literally 12 hours pulling it in and out of the water with the forklift, swapping props and gear ratios and flogging it silly. Water was really rough that day and watching Mike work the controls was fucking awesome. He jumped that thing through 4-6 footers at triple digit speeds as smooth as can be. Still one of the cooler experiences of my life.
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    Guessing a strong headwind, lol

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