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  1. That would work too. I was doing quick math in my head and to build decent beds, put ac in it, etc you be close to if not less that a smaller toy hauler with no labor.
  2. That's a good idea
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    The point of this missed it.

    I bought the trailer for $1800. Just put 4 new tires on, fixed the electric brakes, epoxied the floor, and painted the walls/ceiling. I figure I can be all in with a nice rig for around $3k. I'm not looking for something that I need to live in for a week. One maybe two nights tops. Weight is also an issue. Max tow rating on the Durango is 6500lbs but I'd like to keep it around 4500lbs fully loaded. Progress so far:
  4. Maybe i did.
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    I will give my 2 cents. This relates to my on-going sprinter build.

    You should explore the salvage RV places for a jackknife sofa if that's what you want. I don't have any salvage places around me - the closest one that I could find that had a sofa was in Elkhart - about 4 hours away - the cost was about half of new. I did the math (eight hour drive/possibility of a funky couch), and ended up getting the RB Components fold down couch. Could not be happier. It is much better than a cot (no set up; you can't forget it; and you can sit on it, which is difficult with a cot). There are also only two legs on the couch , so putting things underneath it when it is folded down is easy. The couch folds up against the wall nicely. I can still get two bikes in between the wheel wheels and the pit bike up front. If I only haul one bike, I can fold the couch down without unloading.

    The couch has mounting brackets that I have attached to L-track running the length of the sprinter. The distance between the L-track and the floor coincidentally matched, more or less, the height of the couch (i.e., the height of the wheel wells). Although its never been necessary, I can remove the couch by loosening two bolts that hold it to the L-track. You might think about E-track or L-track to mount your bed to the wall of your trailer. It comes in handy for a lot of things.
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    The $150 RB components bed looks almost indentical to the $800 ones. I'm gonna give it a try. Thanks a lot.
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    Do you mean the initial installation? Seems to me the only set-up after that is a release of the latch mechanism(s).

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    Personally I am very happy with my Easy Cot and a 1.5" or 2" foam pad that I roll up. This is no old basic army cot. Long enough for someone who is 6' tall. No rails at the top or bottom to dig into your Achilles, heels, etc. Plenty sturdy to sit on, if a little low. The cot takes up about a 9 inch square when folded up in it's bag. Rolled foam can go on top of just about anything anywhere in your trailer or SUV.
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    I had a 7x16 & did this for beds, each are the size of a twin mattress. They met in the center to make one solid platform all the way across but the mattresses could be pushed against the walls so you had your bro space lol. They were 2ft or so off the ground so you could use the space underneath. Total build cost was less than $200. FB_IMG_1497906296727.jpg
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    check EZ BED, thats what I use, they come on different sizes too, and you sleep like your at home.
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    I think under-bunk or above bed storage are a must.

    Cargo net and some utility hooks above an air mattress seems most economical.

    I slept on a queen aerobed for 2 years in college. Would do it again for another 2 years. Especially if you have electrical outlets inside the trailer.

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