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    Sorry if this is a dumb question, but here goes anyway?!?

    Were there any trackside photographers that worked the Moto-ST event at Daytona, or would that have violated some form of governmental control issues there? I mean it is pretty regulated in nature, and maybe they weren't photograhper friendly, but I'd like to buy a couple shots from there nonetheless...

    Just wondering...
  2. Bob E.

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    Lisa Theobald said that she got there Friday.

    lisaone at bellsouth dot net

    I was told that Brian J. Nelson may have been there. He hasn't returned my email yet, so I don't know. His web site has a contact page.
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    Thanks for the help... I was hoping for easier answers, but I'll try and outbound contact to the two you listed and see if they have anything to sell.

    Thanks again!

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