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    I have a Ford F-750 with Cummings 5.9 engine and Allison automatic transmission. It has a 5.5 watt diesel generator with a separate fuel tank. Air contioning in the cargo area, awning, TONS of storage. Pictures will show you anyway. Great potential for anyone looking at a bad ass set up at the track. I just spent 10k on it to make it ready for the upcoming season. New brakes on all 4 wheels, brand new drive tires, almost new front tires. Fuel tank rebuilt as there was a small leak at the top, new oil pan and fresh fluid, fuel and oil filter and more. The truck is clean, it has miles on it but it's not a dump by any mean. I will post more pictures soon, they are too large on my iPad and need to resize them.

    NO rear door, just the one on the side. I was planning to make one or just use a ramp on the side one, I already have the aluminum ramp, 12 feet by 32 inch wide, works great. Would easily fit 8 bikes in there as it is.

    It was used as a mobile store for a major clothing store here in Canada, bought it to convert into a track hauler / tire vendor truck. Well it turns out that for some reasons the regulations here will make it hard for me to be 100% legit with me driving it.... was kinda misled when I bought it regarding the weight of the truck... I somehow think the regulations in the States are much more "friendly" when such a rig is privately own.

    It is currently near Montreal. Send me a message if you would like any more information. Trying to sell it to aa fellow track rider before advertising it on other site.

    Asking 29K for it, pretty flexible on the price, as I would take anything OVER that........

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    Forgot one important detail, that's 29K Canadian dollar I'm asking, so with the current exchange rate 22K usd takes it.....

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