Track days / Schools in Florida to improve body position and skill?

Discussion in 'General' started by mattology, Feb 12, 2020.

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    I didn't start riding motorcycles until I was almost thirty three years old, so for me, this has been very difficult to truly learn and become comfortable on the bike. Compounding this, is I travel for months on end for my job, so sometimes I go 4-5 months before getting back on a motorcycle. I don't ride on the street, only the track.

    I have been doing a lot of track time at bushnell motorsports park, which is a mini track, but I really would like to get help with my body position, maybe do a dirt track school, or a full on track school, or something. I've been listening to what some pros say, specifically say Kyle Wyman for example, and he says it's really really really recommended to get some real coaching / riding school experience in..

    What schools / programs would you recommend to someone who lives in florida?

    Thanks in advance.
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    FSU Police Department motorsports team is sponsoring a first-time track school at JenningsGP the weekend of March 7-8 as part of the Southern Track Days spring opener (I will be at this event). Great group of guys who are tying to expose as many novice riders as possible to a safe way to explore the performance of their bikes. I wanna say it's only $60/day, which is less than half of the normal /day cost, and you get a LOT of 1-on-1 instruction.

    They also do rider training throughout the year at many different Florida tracks, as shown in the link I provided. I recommend this to anybody who wants to get their feet wet, and you can certainly progress from there to dedicated race schools like Ed Bargy ( There are a few others, but somebody with actual experience with them may want to chime in, as I can't comment to their authenticity/pedigree.
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    Take the Bargy school.
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