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  1. Vinnie@proline

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    Sorry to post this but my lawyer is a douchebag and wont do anything unless I prove a $100,000 loss from my deal with the CYCLE SPACE CREW. This will most likely cause a war but I have lost so much so far this is killing me. If this does not get off my chest I will have a stroke.
    Get this :
    Skip sold me a parts bike which his buddy crashed and sold to SKIP. I paid $1000 it came with no rotors broken bars no tank no bodywork no nothing. We had to buy it as he rather ride a SUZUKI instead on My R6 which SEMINOLE POWERSPORTS supplied to me( THANKS SPS). I had prepped the new bike From my own $$$$. All except the stuff the team Sponsorship paid for,which was Body work the paint on the body work a steering damper and a ti force full exhaust. I had paid for the rest as We had not recieved our product sponsorship for the team. OK so here is the problem.
    I later came to find out the true status of the bike.
    Then I has asked skip if he would rather buy everything back when I Split from the team before ELKHART LAKE. He agreed and paid $960 after Miller
    now I have been trying to get the bike parts back. I dont know what else to do but ask you guys to try to get throught to Skip and Jeremy Wolf (new manager&owner of Cyclespace) as to re turn the parts. Now this is what I have into the bike MINUS the original parts SUPPLIED BY SKIP (he paid the $960 back for the parts bike he sold me) this is what I have into the bike..
    Power commander
    IGN mod
    Quick shifter
    Handle bars
    fairing stay
    Frames saver and pucks
    Rotors front and rear
    spare rim
    ohilns shock
    ohlins 20 mill front
    Ape Adj cam sprockets in a motor he gave to a fellow racer
    ape tentioner
    spare front rim.
    fuel pump
    I also paid for a key to be made for the original ignition that was on the bike.
    So now this is what he wants to give me.
    front rotors and bolts
    front forks
    fuel pump
    power commander
    bmc air filter
    air box
    ignition and keys
    NOW HE MUST BE SO HIGH because there are a bunch of parts missing.
    SO Cycle space Purchased skip a bike and now all my parts are on it. I have in my posession Jeremy Worfs 2001 YZF R1 which I had fixed a tranny for him in. IS THIS A BAD MOVE OR WHAT.. I am refusing to let jeremy pick up his bike until he brings me all my parts back.AS MY PARTS ARE NOW ON HIS TEAM BIKE>>>>> I know it is rude but after all he screwed me big time. As for all the old BS from some of the old posts bashing me I have plenty of proof that I had done no wrong. There was no confidentiality agreement so I would like to share the RECEIPTS and Checking register used for the team. Along with that I wish to share the Contract or Letter of intent that Cycle Space sent to me. I dont know if anyone is interested or cares but I want everyone to know I did not screw anyone. My season is crap and all the parts I purchased this season are still with the team..on a final note REMEMBER KARMA SUCKS!!I can back up anything I say and disprove any of your BS
    I dont know what else to say. I am shocked that it went down like this and I dont know what else to do... Besides calling me an ass or a F&c@er give me ideas on how to get my parts quicker than small claims
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    hey ass face! j/k man i hate all this drama. i like you and skip but id say let the lawyers do their job. but i didnt add that list up to 100k. im sure there are lots of things not listed though.
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  4. Shyster d'Oil

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    I presume that your lawyer told you that unless your loss was $100k that it wasn't worth suing. Please confirm.

    What was the "true status of the bike"? Stolen?

    Do you have actual recipts for the items you purchased for the bike?

    What was the arrangement you had with these guys? Was it verbal or written?

    If you did work on Jeremy's bike you can legally hold it until he pays for the repairs to it. . . as long as the deal was that you would be paid for the work. As a practical matter though. . .

    Have you really tried to resolve this controversey before posting up here?
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    Eh, I'm too tired for this crap and Doyle has it under control. Enjoy.
  6. Vinnie@proline

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    Lawyers suck so far $1500 and they havent said a thing to them. I gave up everything in the last year to make ends meet.TEAM, NO TEAM,NEW KID, NEW HOUSE Just too much to lose for a bunch of Jackasses..I cant take giving so much and getting screwed. I am over it If I am going to lose my parts while I sit on my ass I might as well vent a little.. BEER AND POPCORN FOR ME TONIGHT. I am sure you will see my posts slurrrrrr
  7. Vinnie@proline

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    answers in order
    truly unknown
    yes and no. I dont have a retail area so I cant even charge storage.
    yes there are about 150 different times I tried to contact them via phone text and email.
  8. Vinnie@proline

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    I screwed up wheels are his sorry
  9. Shyster d'Oil

    Shyster d'Oil Gerard Frommage

    So let me see if I have this right:

  10. skip salenius

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    Liar! Thats Why You Have Been Kicked Out Of Jennings For Insurance Fraud. Ask Borg Larsen! And Taken $5000 From Gustavo Laya And Given Him Nothing In Return. Ask Gustavo. Not To Mention Giving Darren Lucks Friend A Stolen Motorcycle In Place Of His Legitimate Bike. And What About The Engine You Sold To Chuck! I Could Go On And On. You Are A Crook! A Fraud! And A Liar! Everything That Comes Out Of Your Mouth Is A Fucking Lie! You Ruined Thousands Of Dollars Of Keith Marshalls Parts. Thats Why You Quit/ Were Fired From Cyclespace...when We Started Asking For Receipts! I Can Go On And On.. These Are First Hand Stories From The People Themselves. I Am Not Going To Let You Rip Off Anyone Else In Our Community Anymore. Ive Kept My Mouth Shut For Long Enough. This Is A Legal Matter At This Point. You Just Crucified Yourself. You Mother Fucker!
  11. Vinnie@proline

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  12. R Acree

    R Acree Banned

    Alrighty then.....:Pop:
  13. skip salenius

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  14. Vinnie@proline

    Vinnie@proline Well-Known Member

    I was kicked out of jennings because I posted that my biek was stolen from the back of my truck at JENNINGS when the gases were closed.
    Gustavo paid $3500 to ride ther SPS bike at Daytona in an agreement we had where I wont take 50% if his $$$ from his $7000 won on my bike. SO When he did not ride my bike at Daytona I took his $3500 NON REFUNDABLE deposit.
    Chuck Ivey. bought an motor from a customer of mine I just delivered.
    I sent darren lucks friend to Jail not the other way around CHECK YOUR FACTS. Keep talkin my $100,000 is adding up......
  15. Shyster d'Oil

    Shyster d'Oil Gerard Frommage

    So the open questions are:

    1. Why would you give/sell the bike back if its status was unknown? I think a simple VIN check with the state police would resolve if it was stolen and even if a bank had an unsatisfied lien on it.

    2. What were the terms of the agreement? Scan it and send me a copy Also, send copies of your reciepts for parts and any written documentation about the return of the bike to them, and the return of the parts to you/sale fo the parts to them.

    3. Also send me copies of what the lawyer's bills (who charged you $1500). I have charged large clients more than that to investigate a case, but it was always for a large institution or very well off person who could afford that kind of work, and it is often VERY difficult to investigate wheher someone has a legitimate commercial case or not. In your situation it sounds more like a 10 minute freebie though.

    It sounds like you may have a valid claim ON THE BASIS OF WHAT IS REPORTED HERE.

    No promises, but I might be able to make a call or two and try and sort things out.
  16. Vinnie@proline

    Vinnie@proline Well-Known Member

    Lets talk to BERNARD and see what he says about the bike he gave you. And about his friend who you actually did not pay for the bike. When I say any condition I did not mean TITLE STATUS. HEY ya I found out that you shorted the kid and he was going to take the bike back. Lets talk about your roomate selling all those drugs out of your house. SEE the difference between you and me is I AM TELLING THE TRUTH. Also if I ruined all those engines of Keths how come he hasent done so well since I left.
  17. Shyster d'Oil

    Shyster d'Oil Gerard Frommage

    PS to Skip and Vinnie:

    Please take a minute and at least try to use a little bit of proper capitalization and a paragraph break or two.

    And you speeling is so bad that it makes mine seem, well, almost gud.
  18. Shyster d'Oil

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  19. skip salenius

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    I see you are from Vinnies neck of the woods. Flame on!
  20. Shyster d'Oil

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    That's better. :D

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