Thankx to the medical and Ed

Discussion in 'General' started by 3rddegr6, Jul 8, 2002.

  1. 3rddegr6

    3rddegr6 Well-Known Member

    For getting my busted up ass off the track and to the hospital.
    quick refernce, crashed in Practive 600 novice, turn 3 damn i didnt think Iw as ever going to freakin stop, hurt like a bitch
    My shoulder is completely seperated, had a concussion, some amnesia(that was weird) but am ok now, except for typing with one hand lol.
    out for the season it looks like but will be back next year fo show
    I owe Road Atlanta one..

    but seriously thanks Ed for getting me off the track, and to medical for getting me taken care of so quickly

    WERA #163
  2. Eddie845

    Eddie845 E-LO FRM THE BLOCK

    I was a little behind you when you crashed. By the time I got to turn 3 you were still rolling in the grass and dirt was still moving accross the track. How did you go down?
    Glad to hear you are ok.
  3. 3rddegr6

    3rddegr6 Well-Known Member

    just going way to hot. I couldnt get her over in time and ended up going straight through the grass and she pitched me like a bull.. All BS aside I just lost focus I guess.
  4. huffdaddy

    huffdaddy Well-Known Member

    so you were the one that tossed GA. dirt clods on the track..:) did the bike go to turn 5? something slid down there the marks were cool looking. I am glad you are o.k. Road A has bit many people myslef included. She is a sneaky track.
  5. 3rddegr6

    3rddegr6 Well-Known Member

    dude I honestly dont know where I ended up? but it was probably it. Like I said I didnt think the ride was ever going to end.
    BTW you gotta a 2nd didnt you? huff ?
    you guys had a good battle out there I got back in time to see most of the racing.
  6. huffdaddy

    huffdaddy Well-Known Member

    yeah right i run the slow expert part of the team. that was greg myers that got second. me i was the first guy on the grid of my race:) butt was kicked good but did follow mike smith for a few turns.. josh hayes did not run over me so the race was good:)
  7. 1slowguy

    1slowguy Well-Known Member

    Glad to hear you're doing ok. I came through right after you crashed too and it looked like a wild ride.. Hope everything heals quickly so you can get out there and give RA a piece of your mind... Since it already has your a$$. :D

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