Texas to Pennsylvania road trip suggestions

Discussion in 'General' started by crashman, Aug 22, 2016.

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    Just roll a ball of, something towards him. :D
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    Looks like you'll miss the little league world series which is playing now in Billtown...sounds kinda hokey but it one of the purest forms of baseball still being played. Lycoming or Penn Tech??? It's a shame you won't have a bike with you, some of the best roads are around Williamsport. Penn Tech has a chef school called Le Juene Chef, it requires reservations, all manned by students and worth a try. They usually only have one or two selections for a night but if you want to try something upscale it's worth it.
  3. Motofun352

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    By the way, from the 'burg I would recommend taking 28 north to Rt 80 east and across. a 260 mile trip to williamsport but much faster than via harrisburg. Rt 80 is pretty remote in this part of the state but if you like large hamburgers go to Denny's beer barrel pub in Clearfield and order the belly buster.....Let me know when so I can come watch....
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    Get some of that hot chicken in Nashville. Go through Louisville and teach her how to drink whiskey. Stop in cincy and say hi!
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    Start at Franklins, have lunch at Sammy's in Dallas, then supper at Paynes and breakfast/brunch at Centrals in Memphis. Do you want to swing by Kansas for some more BBQ?
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    I lived in Williamsport for a year and had to come home (south of Pittsburgh) almost every weekend...
    22 east to 99 north is definitely the quickest route...
    Like MOTO said don't go the turnpike to Harrisburg then north unless you have a reason.
    Tons of great new restaurants in Pittsburgh. Pricey tho of you go with the new hip spots.
    In pittsburgh for a few days or overnight?

    Ride safe,
  9. DucatiBomber

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    He's at Meat And Potatoes tonight for his monthly event they have there "A nightcap with DJ Hank". :D

    Ride safe,
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    She is going to Lyco. Double majoring in Physics and Astronomy and one of her profs is the PA rep for NASA so a good connection and it is a Div 3 school so she can be on the swim team. I am just glad she got a really good scholarship as I dont think I could afford a small private college otherwise!

    I am getting dumped off at Harrisburg and she is driving up from there herself. Thats why we are going that way. Pittsburgh was the longer way but just a minor detour to visit friends. We have driven the route you said before and it is a decent drive.
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    I was in Nashville a couple weeks ago with two other families. All 19 of us really enjoyed the Jack Daniels tour, if that isn't too far out of the way for you. Partying one night in Nashville would be fun for you too.
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    Wheels Through Time Museum in Maggie Valley and Blue Ridge Parkway.
  13. crashman

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    We were thinking something along these lines only we are leaving earlier than Franklins opens so we were planning breakfast tacos from Rudys and just looking up barbecue places when we got hungry.
  14. crashman

    crashman Getting slower every day

    Pittsburgh for the evening to visit friends. I will just let them take us somewhere decent.:D
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    Bob sold his Honda dealership about 2 years ago. Sorry to say his fantastic collection is no more. It truly was a must see if you were into old bikes. On a similar note, many years ago one of the original honda dealers in the US (Williamsons??? in Mill Hall PA) had a similar spectacular collection of old Hondas. The Honda museum from Japan bought the whole damn thing and they are now overseas......
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    If driving through Louisville and want a burger, check out Game. They make burgers out of all kinds of animals. You can even order samples of each of the meats then pick the one you want them to make your burger out of. They have bison, kangaroo, wagyu, wild boar, elk, and more. Sweet potato fries in duck fat are damn good too.
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  19. Jim

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    National Corvette Museum...Bowling Green KY.

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