Ten Kate Racing built Honda CBR 600rr

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    Up for sale is a very unique Honda CBR 600rr built by world famous superbike team Ten Kate Racing to WSSP specs. The bike was built from the ground up back in 2016 and shipped from Europe to a local track day rider here in Southern California. The local rider (who I have known for five years) had a contact at TKR and also bought Supermoto from them as well. He bought quite a few race bikes in the past couple years as well.

    This CBR was only ridden about seven track days after the purchase and then he was on to another bike. I purchased the bike this year in late June after it had been sitting covered in a garage for almost two years. The bike runs great, no issues at all. I have the Ten Kate build sheet as well and have been in contact with them about the bike.

    The bike comes with a full Ten Kate Racing manual which covers engine, suspension setup, tires pressures, clutch, etc.. There is also a full guide to the GripOne engine management system (TC, Launch Control, etc..). I also have a TKR frame tool used to setup rear suspension. Below is a list of the some of the main stuff.


    HRC powerup kit (cams, plugs. valve springs, head gasket)

    HRC transmission set

    Ten Kate cylinder head porting for SSP


    Moto carbon bell mouth air intake tube (Ten Kate spec)


    Steel lines

    Brembo lever (stock master cylinder)

    Remote brake adjuster

    SBS Race brake pads (sintered)

    Captive Rear brake caliper (wired rear brake pads for quick change)

    Braking wave rotors 1 -set

    Galfer wave rotors 1 – set

    HRC Thorttle kit


    Titanium chassis kit (bolts)


    Lightech folding lever

    STM slipper cutch (***new plates/springs)


    Ten Kate- Febur large radiator set

    Ten Kate Oil cooler kit

    Oil Catch can and breather set

    Silicone hose set


    HRC ecu/harness

    HRC Race Generator

    HRC generator race cover

    HM/Ten Kate Racing Quickshifter

    GripOne Electronics- Traction Control, Launch Control (engine management-uses wheel speed sensors)


    Vortex rearsets

    Renthal clip-ons

    Renthal chain/sprockets


    Ohlins shock

    WP Ten Kate Racing spec cartridge kit

    Ohlins steering damper


    Motocarbons gloss black bodywork (currently on the bike)

    Motocarbons Ten Kate (crashed once- still works)


    Arrow race exhaust


    New Vortex rearsets

    Renthal clip-ons

    New HRC throttle kit

    Wheels (front/rear)

    Ten Kate Racing rear sets

    Price: $12,000.00

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  2. bradd15

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    More pics. Located in So Cal area.

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  3. Chango

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    I would just like to say, SPLOOSH!
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  5. WingLeaner

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    Unique and special. RIP TKR/HRC marriage. Good luck w the sale!
  6. bradd15

    bradd15 Well-Known Member

    Bump. Price is OBO of course.
  7. Praetorian27

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    Oh man, I hope this bike is still available next spring.
  8. Suzuka_joe

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    wow, what does it dyno? just curious. I'm sure its a weapon
  9. Darrell jones

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    does the bike have a mso or title showing its a 2016 thanks
  10. rafa

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    Dont think CBR600RRs get much better than this.
  11. 400kg

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    Can I get a copy of that Ten Kate book? lol
  12. Tj Hunter

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    For 12K obo, you sure can get a copy of that book :)
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  13. 400kg

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    Now now thats no fun. A little copy a little pasta, all is well. :)
  14. bradd15

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    Good questions everyone. So per my conversations with Ten Kate the bike build should yield 130 plus hp. I have not put the bike on the dyno to back this up.
    There was never a title given on the bike just the receipt from Ten Kate, import/export papers from Ten Kate and the US customs broker when imported. This bike was essentially built, crated, and put on an airplane to LAX.

    It does have a 17 digit vin stamped on one side of the neck and a Honda vin plate on the other side.
  15. JTRC51

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    Man, this bike is awesome!! Don't want or need 130HP. No problem, swap with an OEM spec motor and go have fun while still being capable of winning!
  16. bradd15

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    Extra bodywork pic

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  18. Newyork

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    This is so cool! I love when stuff like this makes it over here for sale.

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  19. jd41

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    How many miles on it?
  20. bradd15

    bradd15 Well-Known Member

    No mileage reading (stays at 0 km) as I believe HRC ecu/ harness removes that. I would say it is around 1000-1200 miles. See pic - the number on the far left side is the traction control indicator.

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