Techs, I need quality snap ring pliers..

Discussion in 'Tech' started by regularguy, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. regularguy

    regularguy Always Krispy

    90 degree snap ring pliers for disassembling SV transmissions. The holes on the snap rings are small and I'm constantly breaking the tips off the POS pliers found in the local stores.

  2. fastfreddie

    fastfreddie Well-Known Member

    Any of the quality MFG-er's suppliers will have what you need. Mac, SnapOn...even BluePoint.
    I bought a kit from SnapOn that has four pliers, with reversible jaws, straight and 90º pins, large and small.
    Don't remember how much it cost but none of them have ever failed to do their jobs.
    I'm sure you can find just the one you need. Research the part# you need (find out which one is the small 90º) and go E-bay. Even if it's used, it's likely not messed up...maybe $15, tops.
  3. TWF2

    TWF2 2 heads are better than 1

    Mac pliers are pretty good, I bought whole set.
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  4. Spitz

    Spitz Well-Known Member

    Snap on or knipex are what I use. The better ones are forged, not stamped.
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  5. Theducatiman

    Theducatiman Active Member

    Agreed, I even think the Knipex has replaceable ends.

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  6. Dave_SV

    Dave_SV Well-Known Member

  7. RM Racing

    RM Racing Tool user

    If you can find Kohwa Seiki, they're some of the best. Hard to find. Knipex makes better pliers and cutters than Snap-On in general. Anything else I've tried seems to break tips easily. A lot of times, having the correct angle on the tips keeps from exerting too much force and breaking stuff. For gearbox snap-rings, right angle tips and a small screwdriver to move the clip is a good approach. Or just grasp the gear and use it to move the clip. Clamp the shaft in a vise so you can use two hands.
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  8. Spitz

    Spitz Well-Known Member

    And buy a good pair of safety glasses. I have had 3 in the past two years doing some damage to mine, like a decent gouge I wouldn't want in my eyeball.

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