Team Chicago School @ Grattan

Discussion in 'Track Days' started by Ghamilton, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. Ghamilton

    Ghamilton Well-Known Member

    When is it?
  2. Racer45

    Racer45 old guy just tryin'

    The school is March 29th and the practice day is March 30th
  3. RacerMdub

    RacerMdub '03 GSXR 750

    Hey gordon, If you go to you can find the info you need. And, the guys from Apex 2 Apex will be there with tires and tire changers. Matt
  4. G2G

    G2G I feel the need

    How much is the school for the 29th. Also how much is the trackday on the 30th
  5. Beaz

    Beaz Well-Known Member

  6. Pilot1

    Pilot1 Well-Known Member

    $30.00 if pre-registered for the Saturday race school, but after March 15th the cost is $55.00. See I believe the Sunday, optional, track day is $70.00
  7. olgoodf3

    olgoodf3 'Merica

    Bring your long underware, hopefully it doesn't snow like last year.
  8. kiggy74

    kiggy74 As useful as an...

    Are there still spots available? We've left a few a messages/emails but haven't gotten a response.
  9. KMC


    looks like group 1 is pretty full. i'm sure he'll let you in to group 2. is it just yourself or others?

    i suggest you fill out the form and fax it to dan.

    good luck.
  10. Pilot1

    Pilot1 Well-Known Member

    There was a great turn-out, very good course, educational and a fun day on the track. Mother Nature even cooperated with temps in the 40's and lots of sunshine.
  11. Freddy

    Freddy Well-Known Member

    Team Chicago School for 2009???

    Does anyone know if these guys are going to be doing this again for 2009??

    I've e-mailed the contact on the website a couple times and have gotten no response.:(
  12. ed-d

    ed-d Active Member

    i was just wondering the same thing a few days ago. I hope they do it this year since last year my bike was stolen like 2 weeks before the school so i didnt get to go lol
  13. olgoodf3

    olgoodf3 'Merica

    they have had poor communication in the past too. It seems to not get posted untill Feb each year I think
  14. Ghamilton

    Ghamilton Well-Known Member

  15. gripfreak89

    gripfreak89 Well-Known Member

    Just so you guys know I thought they didn't even exist because they never returned my calls.
    But then I emailed them and they reply promptly. He basically told me not to call, just to email.
    I think I'll be there to get a provisional WERA certificate. And it's cheap!
  16. Ghamilton

    Ghamilton Well-Known Member

  17. kawdude636

    kawdude636 kawdude636

    so what's the dates...
  18. kawdude636

    kawdude636 kawdude636

    I'm retararar......:stupid:
  19. KMC


  20. ed-d

    ed-d Active Member

    ok 6 short days!!!!!! :) i can hardly wait
    I know i'am more then likely going to be the slowest guy out there but it'll just be nice to play on the track again lol

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