Taurus Raging Hunter

Discussion in 'General' started by lizard84, Nov 21, 2022.

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    I am sure you will enjoy it. In my experience, the Blackhawk benefits from a Belt Mountain base pin, Wolf springs and smoothing the sides of the hammer where they drag against the frame. Really minor work that all really smooths out the trigger pull and hammer drop. Without the base pin set screw tightened down really stout loads will move the pin and lock up the cylinder. If you handload, I am partial to the 300gr XTP over either HS-6 for medium loads or 296 for heavy loads. That bullet expands nicely and penetrates like you wouldn't believe. Really heavy loads might have you looking to get some rubber grips. I have used both Hogue and Pachmeyer and like them both.
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    With that long a barrel, you'll see increased performance with MP300 and especially VV N110 over 296/H110. Plus, far less of a fireworks show. In my carbine 44mag, I saw the best groupings and 100fps over H110 with VV N110, all with the lowest pressure.
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    I ordered the Hogue grip this evening before you posted, aesthetically the original grip obviously looks fantastic but in my experience Hogue grips ready tame these savage beasts.
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    No. No, man. Shit, no, man. I believe you'd get your ass kicked sayin' something like that, man. :D
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    The super Blackhawk is a great revolver. Hard to go wrong with Ruger. I’ve got a newer Hunter version with a Nikon 2x and an older one that’s been magnaported.

    With 240gr cast loads on the light side it’s easy on the wrists. But throw in some 300gr heavies with 110 and it can be a handful.

    the Taurus revolvers are solid. They’ve been making the Raging series for years. I’d love to have a Raging Bee or Raging Hornet
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    Great gun and kenessex nailed it. In my early 20s a friend took me to a silhouette shoot and I only had the Ruger and a 1911 so obviously the Ruger went. 200 meters from standing position knocking down a few rams is something I’ll never forget. I had come on hard times and had to sell it but luckily a very good friend bought it so I’ve had some visitation over the years.
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    Those will blow your head clean off!
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