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    stupid question but how many seconds do you think are lost on the straights like Vir or roebling?
    Just say you carry same amount of corner speed every where between the 2 bikes how much time would you loose on the sv?
  2. gapman789

    gapman789 Well-Known Member

    6 secs
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  3. rob linders

    rob linders Well-Known Member

    I can give you some times. My kid could run record pace on his sv, but didnt get there on a 600, dont have 1000 times

    Willow springs
    1:27.19 SV
    1:23-24s.... I think bryce prince is in 22s.

    AAA Speedway
    1:35. SV
    1:30 600 I've seen 1000s get in 27-28s.

    1:53 SV
    1:49 600. Benny Solis set 1000 record this weekend at 47, and runs 47-48s on a 600 too.

    1:22 on SV
    1:18 on 600. Saw Pascerella and Anthony do 16s on a SBKs.
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    WANABE RACER Well-Known Member

    4-6 seconds seams to be true so far haha
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