Sv650 race body work and Leo Vince exhaust

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    F7AA3874-98E2-497E-AA8D-F82B47B6BF9A.jpeg D6D91918-13D2-4669-B30B-824C7FA4F854.jpeg C38E0B8F-E8CB-4C29-81BE-AF95AF95B9DD.jpeg
    New bbk plastics m2 kit. Comes complete with tank, upper, lower, tail, all mounting kit, rear subframe and fairing stay, case covers(not pictured)
    Also full Leo exhaust
    Contact Russell masecar for questions and pricing.
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  2. Russell Masecar

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    Located in Raleigh NC
  3. Russell Masecar

    Russell Masecar Well-Known Member

    Everything is SOLD.
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