Suzuki GSXR Radial Monoblock Tokico Calipers with Ferodo ZRAC

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  1. derbybrit1

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    I have a set of very clean, low miles Suzuki GSXR Radial Monoblock Tokico Calipers. They have an almost new set of Ferodo ZRAC pads that I used for 1 lite trackday.

    These are 108mm center-center bolt pattern, standard for Japanese Sportbikes with radial caliper mounts.

    These calipers are much stiffer and lighter than the old style 2-piece Tokico calipers that came on '05 and up GSXR 600/750/1000. You don't need expensive Brembo's to get great performance. And the ZRAC pads have incredible non-fade braking power. Uses same pads as 2-piece Tokico calipers.

    Here is some data I recorded myself regarding weights:

    Caliper comparison
    2005 884g each no pads plus 0.23kg = 1.114kg (Original heavy 2-piece GSXR 1000 caliper)
    2008 668g each no pads plus 0.23kg = 898g (New light monobloc GSXR 1000 caliper)
    A pair of the 2008 calipers saves .432kg, which is .952 pounds.

    And they are 10% lighter than the highly regarded Brembo M4 calipers, too:
    Brembo M4 108mm without pads 800g plus 0.20kg = 1.00kg

    2 sets of Ferodo ZRAC pads cost about $150. So you are almost getting the calipers for free. It is a great upgrade.

    Price is $175 plus $15 shipping USPS Priority Mail to lower 48 states. Other locations at cost.
    PayPal preferred:

    Marc Tokico Monoblock1a.JPG Tokico Monoblock2a.JPG
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  2. SV650R


    Nice... This is exactly what I have.

    Free bump!
  3. roy826ex

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    Gotta give you bump, these are bad ass calipers people, forget the oem Suzuki Shit BREMBOS these things do the business those things cant!

    Throw some xx or ss Vesrah pads in them and hang on! Rears coming up.

    GLWTS, I sold my 1000 with them so I'm out of the loop. Just letting people know these are the real deal.
  4. Brian Riemland

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    Would these be a direct replacement for 09 gsxr 600?
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  6. gapman789

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    Another vote for these calipers....I put them on my 07 GSXR 1000, 06-09 GSXR 600/750's and now on my 2012 GSXR 600 with 5mm spacers.

    Those calipers, with EBC GPFAX race pads, Accossato 19x18 M/C, and RBF 600 fluid = some of the best brakes you can put on a bike.
  7. gapman789

    gapman789 Well-Known Member

    And they use the same brake pads as the 06-09 GSXR 600/750.
  8. Brian Riemland

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    OK want, I'll send payment and shipping address when I get off work.
  9. gapman789

    gapman789 Well-Known Member

    Take some brake cleaner and make sure no pieces of blue loctite from those bolts got into the caliper.
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