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Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by Mikegfx4, Jan 13, 2020.

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    Selling a first gen supersport built SV650, built from the ground up by Guy Bartz (one of the best SV builders) and I, build sheet below. Has won two races. Great supersport race bike or track day build

    $3500 - Supersport SV
    First Gen SV frame, lightened and stiffened where needed
    I have a clean title that will come with the bike
    Recently fully disassembled and lubed
    Lightweight triple clamps
    Clip on bars
    Bar end guards (Brake and Clutch)
    Brembo 18x19 master cylinder
    Motion pro short throw throttle
    Fresh motor (4 track days on it and 1 race weekend)
    Higher compression due to removed head gasket (squish checked)
    Yoyodyne Slipper Clutch
    M4 Exhaust full system
    Temperature and RPM gauges
    Shorai battery and charger
    Charging system still installed
    External Starting battery (for easier starts)
    Emulator forks
    Penske Rear Shock
    Prototype ignition control box (adjustable redline, etc)
    Two sets of wheels and tires (used)
    Carbon fiber lower fairing
    Fiberglass upper fairing and seat
    Lightweight subframe
    Woodcraft rearsets
    2 sets of front and rear sprockets
    Steering damper

    $450 Mychron 5 dashboard, lap timer, and data acquisition tool
    Temperature, and RPM sensors included (Plus all onboard sensors)
    $100 Front Pitbull Stand
    $100 Rear Pitbull Stand
    $250 Pitbull Trailer restraint

    Pictures at link below, it wont let me attach them here.
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    Located in Milwaukee, WI
  3. Mikegfx4

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  4. grandpanot

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    Nice, well prepped race machine. Shocked you still have it Mike.
  5. Tas

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    With the refreshed motor and a few of the other components this really is a good price.
  6. Mikegfx4

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    Thanks for the support guys, the bike actually just sold today.
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