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Discussion in 'Mini Racing' started by V5 Racer, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. ACDNate

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    Ethanol free can be a pain to find. RUnning them dry is easier, although you'll be suprised how long it takes to run a 100's fuel bowl dry. Quick draining at the end of the weekend is much quicker
  2. Mook

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  3. backcountryme

    backcountryme Word to your mother.

    I use Opti Optimizer stabilizer in my fuel. Never have an issue. My company also has Aspen fuel at one of our branches. I am going to try it in my bike. They have a bike racing fuel. Stuff is alkylate fuel with no benzine and other junk. You can put a Styrofoam peanut in the stuff and it just floats around. Do that in gas and it melts. It also doesn't gum up a carb. Has a shelf life of 10 years if unopened and like 3 years if opened. Even if you don't use it all the time you can use it right at the end of the season for the last tank. I haven't tried it yet, but I think I will this year.

    Here it is.
  4. Eric_77

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    Sounds like he needs Power Commander
  5. V5 Racer

    V5 Racer Yo!

    Will that work with the blue powerband for the CRF that Cam sold me?
  6. Eric_77

    Eric_77 Well-Known Member

    shh, the Greenie powerband is optimal
  7. raddad13

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    power band for sure:rolleyes: that reminds me of an old customer. A few years back I had a customer come up to the parts counter and ask for a new power band for his bike. I tried to explane to him what the pb was, he was not hearing me and didnt think I knew what I was talking about, So I walked in the parts dept, and got him a brand new pb i.e. a clutch cable. Needless to say once he got home and tried to find where to put the pb (and couldn't) he called the shop to tell me and my boss that I sold him the wrong part. It took all I had not to die laughing or lose my job.
  8. Cam Morehead

    Cam Morehead Husband, Dad, Racer

    Expect to be torn down now..... cat's out of the bag now.....:crackhead:
  9. V5 Racer

    V5 Racer Yo!


    If a tear down might get it running, please do. :D
  10. Mook

    Mook Well-Known Member

    the teardown will cause it to "unrun"
    some re'assembly will be required for a "re-run"...:rock:
  11. Stumpy

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    Somebody call me? What's happening?
  12. V5 Racer

    V5 Racer Yo!

    Keep in mind "unrun" is where we are currently. If Cam does the teardown then half the work is done. :D
  13. backcountryme

    backcountryme Word to your mother.

  14. Cam Morehead

    Cam Morehead Husband, Dad, Racer

    A Ha Ha Ha..... LOL.... Kesler, just ride my bike and I will ride yours.

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