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Discussion in 'General' started by CRA_Fizzer, May 17, 2019.

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    If you were going to setup live streaming via an IP Camera, which camera is the best. I know some don't support the rmtp protocol. PTZ is not needed.

    And don't you need to use a 3rd party encoder such as ZSplit?

    I am tasked w/ trying to setup a live webcam for someone.

    Is Youtube the best option? I think FB limits you to 4 hours of streaming.

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    Is she hot?
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    Only if you consider a drag strip hot. :)
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    This will not be streamed from a mobile device.
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    So, no fancy requirements if you've got a computer involved. I use Open Broadcaster Studio for pushing to Twitch, it'll just as happily push to Youtube, FB, etc. Comp pulls the feed from the camera, you can add overlays / etc in OBS, OBS pushes it to the service of your choice. Easy.

    Now, doing it straight from a camera is going to be loaded with limitations and restrictions that'll likely piss you off, but higher end GoPros can theoretically push direct to YouTube for example.
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    This. But if you are using anything less then a webcam you want to make sure your camera will put out a clean hdmi signal. Many cameras will put in an overlay on the hdmi output. Things like audio levels and recording time and such. You want a clean output, then a capture device into the pc. I wouldn’t recommend a webcam. Most of them you can’t see the image if the subject is too far away.
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    All I'm trying to do is live stream the drag strip. Nothing fancy.

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