Staying n the hospital is the most miserable time one can have!

Discussion in 'Other' started by Newyork, Dec 17, 2018.

  1. Newyork

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    Well in NY anyway, Long Island not NYC which is no doubt 10x worse.
    I have a cyst on the bottom of my
    right ass cheek that’s causing fevers so I had no choice but to come to the ER. I’ve been in this same bed surrounded by sheets on 3 sides, lights on, babies screaming, people puking, staff neglecting the shit out of some of these poor patients for 16 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!! I won’t get my own room until some other poor schmuck leaves this place....I am non stop dripping sweat, and this growth on my ass hurts insanely bad so I’m edgy to say the least. It just clicked 1am here and I’m so disgusted with this shit that I’m writing this I an attempt to stay awake/sane......I know I prob just need to relax but that is not an option at this point in time so I’m ranting instead.
    On each side of me are very elderly people in bad shape who are confined to their beds by Dr Orders.and Ivs. .They both called and called and called the nurse for 30 mins, they were completely ignored.
    When someone did respond they answered, ok I’ll get someone. Not ok let me get that for wasn’t meds or anything. The woman needed to use the bathroom, the guy actually wet his bed...Really sad. Mind you these is a station staffed with people in the middle of this room...they all have ears.
    Look I understand that these places get busy, but have extra people on at night just like the day. The nurse just told me that they don’t have Nurse assistants scheduled to work at night...well that doesn’t make much sense to me considering I’ve been witness to some really sad shit in here today.

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  2. Phl218

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    Sorry to hear man.

    Keep pushing and rely on pain meds and sleeping pills.

    I always try to see hospitals as places that get me better, but a trip like yours would ruin it for me.

    Must be a big city thing. The hospital system we have here in Greenville is pretty alright.

    The smaller one where they did outpatient surgery in my knee even sent me a get well postcard.
  3. Newyork

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    Thanks for the encouragement, I appreciate it.

    Yea I was very optimistic coming in but that was short lived...

    I’m on IV morphine every 6 so that helps but I still don’t have a room
    and it’s been 26 hours now in the ER.

    Also, I’m in the burbs of NY so there is no excuse for this BS. The city hospitals have to be way worse.

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  4. TurboBlew

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    I feel your pain. Its worse when they put you in ICU...unless youre unconscious.
  5. Newyork

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    Lol indeed, yes indeed. Thanks man.

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