Specifically how and where are these Baggers always leaking from?

Discussion in 'General' started by solson1041, Aug 1, 2022.

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    When Higbee got injured racing and Buell still had a couple of longevity/endurance test they needed to run on the 1125r I was fortunate enough to fill in for him. One of the things that sticks out with me still is the mechanics and engineers blatantly telling me, when you come back in, get off the bike, don’t touch anything and get out of our way and go sit over there while pointing to another EZ up placed a good twenty feet behind hot pit. Basically just ride the bike and when not riding - disappear. :crackup::crackup:
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    No better place(s) to find the news I'm looking for...

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    That is why I think the sanction that dqed Kyle, was really a team sanction, not a rider sanction. My issue with the HD factory team is that they know their motors are unreliable and yet they still push them beyond their limits. When I noted that HD went through 4 motors at Road America, my source stated that they had taken 6 and used 4, so they knew that there would be issues. I don't know that the number of engines used was for each of their contracted riders or combined usage of both riders. Either way, they were aware of the potentials and disregarded the safety of their own riders and the other participants in the weekend. Crashing in your own oil sucks, but crashing in someone elses is really sucky.
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    Should be dyno HP limits, like they did with the old XR1200 series. That would fix all the problems with these things blowing up.
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    They should be parked back in the bar parking lot where they belong.
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    Hmm, I was told a dyno does not work. Not sure why but it has been discussed before.
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    So... I didn't read through all the pages.. I know basically nothing about HD's, Indians, or baggers in general..

    However, do the HD's/Indians that participate in the flat track shit spew oil all over the place? If not what are they doing different? I know the engines are smaller, but aren't they spinning them to the moon basically the entire time?

    Make the belly pans bigger? There has to be something done about it.. It's obvious the bagger teams could give two fucks about cutting hours off of track time.. So, MA needs some new technical regulations. "In the event your bagger leaks oil, the rider of said bike will be required to take the teams mechanic as a passenger during the race"

    Maybe that would fix it lol Its a god damn gimmick class anyway.
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    So those riders that are making a living, or at least making a few bucks, should ust go fuck themselves then? Because probably 75% of them wouldn't be racing. That means, less psonsors, less views, less pit passes, less crew members, less hotels, etc. Pretty big ripple in the chain if we go by your brilliance? Why can't they do both? make them more reliable, and still race them? I mean why the fuck whould they ever let your little 400 on a track? That wasnt made for racing right?
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    Yes - but unlike fully faired bikes they don't catch anywhere near as much while technically meeting the rules. That's why on classes where naked bike could be or are popular I am way looser on bodywork rules to allow full fairings. They work way better in conjunction with a pan to keep fluids contained to the broken bike.
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    The indian in flat track is a purpose built engine. As was the Harleys. The Yamaha's of Estenson probably have more development than Stamboli.... The harley engines that V&H were running are basically just original cases and heads with everything else being remade or engineered for racing.

    If you take that route, these $100k baggers easily become $200k baggers.
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    Yes, they absolutely do leak.

    The little flat track we did do, kids and I were amazed how they handled it.

    Everyone on the track: Marshalls / Starter / Corner Workers carry lighters.
    After each heat / race they simply light the spot on fire until it burns out. Rub their feet over the spot and the venue continues.
  12. Mongo

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    We occasionally handle fuel spills that way - takes a good knowledgeable official/corner worker though so you don't hurt the asphalt.
  13. Robby-Bobby

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    That is for fuel from a bike that has wrecked, not oil leaks.

    If a bike leaks oil on most dirt tracks, like say a blown engine, the cleanup is still very similar with oil dry/brooms, etc. We had one on the mile this year at Am nationals at Duquoin. Going into turn 3. Lots of brooms, kitty litter, and about 20 minutes.
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    Fighter pilots still do a pre flight and they are not maintainers.
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    Does anyone know what actually happened to his bike? He rode it into the pits and it wasn’t smoking, it’s not like the thing blew up and dumped all its oil on the track. Obviously it sucks that she crashed but it wasn’t that bad compared to other oiling the track situations. Thankfully it didn’t happen in 1 or 2.
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    Uhm, the dang thing was literally bleeding out.

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    I always thought if you caused the red flag you didn't get to restart, or maybe I thought that's the way it should be.
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    I’m just watching it for the first time, that can’t be oil can it?

    There’s some dripping out of that top fairing piece, wouldn’t you think brake fluid?
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    From the book of faces and KW post....

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    Not anywhere I know of. MA has lots of rules about no t leaving the track so you can't get it back via the infield and such.

    That and if you make that rule you get into pissing matches about who/what actually caused a red flag - not saying it's the case here but if you have a bike leak oil and no one crashes would the red come out? If it leaks and you have 2 or 3 bikes down, which caused the red? The oiler, bike 1, bike 2, bike 3, all four of them? Would you have pulled a red for less than those three? It goes on and on.

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