Specifically how and where are these Baggers always leaking from?

Discussion in 'General' started by solson1041, Aug 1, 2022.

  1. G 97

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    You see I don’t look at Patricia’s crash as a reflection on Kyle. The sad reality is, in racing, shit happens. It’s not Kyles fault that his bike leaked fluid on the track. I certainly wouldn’t place responsibility on him and I wouldn’t expect anyone else in the paddock to as well. He did nothing wrong. You can’t put this on him.
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  2. G 97

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    Kyle has nothing to apologize for. It’s not his responsibility that his engine dropped fluid.
  3. Venom51

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    I believe the bulk of the world disagree as it is always someone else's fault these days. Whether it is or not.
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    We use to live in AZ. We had a few missed opportunities to get him to our Phoenix mini track.

    Kids think the world of him, and I'm still a fan.

    Could you imagine the backlash a Herrin or Petrucci would of received for a post like that?
  5. Rising

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    I didn't really read it as "crying" or "blasting" more just stating his frustration. As far as social media posts go, I thought he kept it very professional.
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    SHOCKER, why am I not surprised. The gift that keeps on giving and zig zagging. :crackup:
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    Hugs n kisses sweet cheeks. You are rapidly becoming my #1 ankle biter! :p
  8. G 97

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    No doubt. Although anyone involved with racing knows or should know. -or- Haven’t been involved in the sport very long and being willfully ignorant.
  9. G 97

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    You keep lofting one softball after another. :D
  10. G 97

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    :stupid: I think his frustrations and resulting posted response definitely have merit given the circumstance.
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  11. ungwaha

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    MA DQ'd Barney at Road America because his bike oiled the track so why wouldn't they DQ KW?
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  12. Banditracer

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    I didn't mean it as blaming Kyle for her crash. I was looking at it from the perspective that complaining on social media that your leaking bike that caused another person to crash wasn't allowed back on track wasn't a good look.

    I know shit happens on track. I got a broken left scaphoid from getting caught up in somebody else's mess.
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  13. rice r0cket

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    What was leaking on Kyle's bike? Even if MA didn't DQ, would they have been able to get it fixed in the red flag period?
  14. Robby-Bobby

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    So fine the team $100k

    then Harley could pony up.
    Kyle could race
    Motoamerica could buy more air fence.

    surely the amount of money Harley and Indian are spending, 100k would be a drop in the bucket.

    especially since they’ve all but abandoned dirt track.
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  15. G 97

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    Barnes was DQd for technical infractions that led to the track being oiled not necessarily for the track being oiled specifically. I think his team neglected some safety wire. IIRC.
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  16. turner38

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    It’s not Kyle’s fault for oiling the track, it’s MA’s for letting that junk on the racetrack to
    Start with.

    I like Kyle, despite the fact he rides a OGPOS.

    Shouldn’t a 2200cc bike have a 20 quart belly pan with a diaper in it since the 600’s have a 5 quart?
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  17. MELK-MAN

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    can look at this a couple different ways.. you say it's not his fault the bike leaked fluid. Ok, we can agree that he has no control of that while riding. But tough to overlook the fact it may (i don't know obviously) have been leaking as a result of him crashing on Saturday ? that crash was somewhat in his control, and it's possible the leak was a result from that earlier crash, that didn't get fixed for Sunday..
    regardless, i'm with ya on him not being "responsible" for the fluid leak, BUT, it sure woulda been kind of him to AT LEAST say he was sorry that Patricia crashed, somewhere in that long post he made about this incident. Or not.
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  18. Rebel635

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    Id hope he didn't go back out on the track with a known leak.

  19. MELK-MAN

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    i don't think anyone thinks he went out with a known leak... but sh** happens. I was just wondering if the leak was a result from the crash the day before. Again, not that they put the bike back on track Sunday with a known leak, but was just curious if it could have been a result from the crash on saturday...
  20. 418

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    I think considering what transpired on Friday, MA wasn't about to take a chance of having a situation where you had a completely avoidable accident happen that might result in more tragedy.

    I could only imagine the dumpster fire of a PR disaster that would be.

    Is the oiling the track down just a Harley issue or do both brands mark their territory?
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